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    indian defence forum

    The P8I for india is a heavily watered down version of the P8A which is for america….just remember what norman polmar said…….. i quote him….. "Keep in mind that in the P-8I aircraft, India is getting an ASW platform from the US, not comprehensive and advanced ASW systems such as sonar, or magnetic anomaly detectors," said Polmar.

    Oh my GOd just imagine….. without magnetic anomaly detectors the capabilities of the P8I will be equal to that of an DHL cargo plane

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    @ indian defence forum,

    That may be a good thing. Sort of blessings in disguise. Lesser we depend on Uncle Sam for electronics, more tech jobs in India! Remember, a billion mouths to feed !

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    @indian defence forum : I think India can get it fitted with Russian, Isreali and Indian equipment ant it will be equally good!

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    I'm pretty sure its coming with the magnetic anomaly detector and the additional radar. It won't have the communication equipment b/c India hasn't signed CISMOA. Why would India order another 4 if it was so watered down?

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    Sign the bloody CISMOA already. What's the point in going for American systems if they're going to be watered down.

    It would have been better had the Navy not been hasty and chosen the Airbus A319 MPA instead. Or at least waited so we could buy off the British Nimrod MR4s at bargain price.

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    I think as soon as those who believe this is one big conspiracy by Uncle Sam to take over our sovereignty, come out from under the bed & see sense, we'll come around to signing the CISMOA.


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