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    Russia, Japan, Canada are the only manufacturers of military amphibians. Japan has been succesfuly using its US1 but Japanese laws prevent export though that has not prevented China from copying that design. I always used to wonder why amphibians died such a gradual death while once they ruled the world. Now with sea lanes under scrutiny/ attack ,probably the second coming of the amphibians is on the horizon worldwide – especially for countries that cant afford huge aircraft carriers.

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    Absolute necessity of the time.

    we must have a Mig 29k ground facility like in Goa all around small islands like Lakshadweep

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    Probably, we should have unified air lift command like US so that the aircrafts are properly used instead of each service having its own aircrafts…

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    Chinese SH-5 amphibians are not copies. They are however obsolete even by Chinese standards and were retired a few years ago.

    I don't believe they have any amphibians in service at this moment.

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    The IAF has no business ordering amphibians. Leave that to the Navy or the Coast gaurd.

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    There are two separate requirements for amphibians. The IAF requirement has more to do with over-water combat SAR, while the Navy's requirement concerns both maritime surveillance, special operations and combat SAR. The latest RFI is issued by IAF HQ (clearly mentioned in the document). Therefore, there are two separate competitions for two separate fleets. This was decided in mid-2010 by HQ IDS.

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    Mr. Ra

    It is a good variation.


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