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    I am surprised to see that in a ship, they have put Samsung LCD monitors without any clamp. If the ship rolls, then the monitor is going to fall off..

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    Good for the Navy. Just one comment from the pitures: I hate politicians. They are just a big show-off. The world has moved on with their dressing attire, while our babus are still stuck on lungis, dohtis, and kurtas. I agree this is our heritage and there is nothing wrong with wearing what our ancestors wore, but common, our ancestors used their own legs for travel (or a bullock cart if they had the money), but the babus do not want to emulate that from the past. They hang out in 3 engine helicopters and vip planes. And, when on ground they use Fine German automobiles. This is just pure hypocrisy. Even on international trips, they will weare a so called Jodhpuri but not a real suite. Someone should remind them that the history of Jodhpuri is not that long, and it is an adaptation of western suite…. not truly an Indian thing. By the way, there is very little that we can call real India… especially if it has even a single stich. Stiching came to India via Persians, so stop calling the Kurta as an Indian attire. Prior to Persian influence, what we wore were things like lungis and dhotis that needed no stiching….. If you want to wear Khadi then adopt all that is Indian, give-up your superexpensive rides, and technologies, and ask your bodyguards to use bow and arrows and swords, etc, etc,…. then see how long will they want to wear that Khadi. They will run from it as if it was "Kaaphan".

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    According to the CAG these tankers have been built with an "inferior" grade of steel. At best it doesn't sound like a "military" grade steel was used. Is the lifespan really 40 years? Who are you kidding?

    So who benefits?

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    @ Anon 1116 Pm
    Eh…u are not prescribing dress codes for politicians??..Do u follow a dress code @ u wear a suit daily…does the average indian wear a suit to office….it varies from formal shirt n trousers to jeans n t shirts!!!….
    n please note that what the minister is seen wearing is still a common attire for a significant part of population!! albeit as a casual wear n many wear it to offices even..maybe not the gen Y..but a prev gen still does…

    stop making issues out of non issues….as you wear what u are comfortable with…let the politicians wear what they are comfortable with ..focus on issues of performance if u feel u must say something

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    Anon at 2:18 AM.

    I am the anon at 11:16. I guess your point is; because significant population of India wears what RM wore, it's not an issue. I do not have a problem with people wearing what they want to wear, but to say that significant population of India wears what RM wore, would be wrong….. wide majority of the people in India have moved on from Khadhi. We all know some of these babus before entering politics, were wearing normal trousers and shirts…. I think that is more like an average Indian than Khadhi. I am not against Khadhi, but who are they trying to fool. They do not hesitate a second to drink from a bottle of expensive Scotch, but they want people to think that they are the average Joes of India, when they are not. Just to counter your point… an average India does not hang-out in a VIP plane, nor do they ride around in expensive cars. I am just complaining about the hippocratic behaviour… that's all. By the way, I would love to see if an investigative journalist reading this would want to do a report on how many of these Khadi wearing babus wear a traditional langooti…. my guess none, they probably weare designer silk boxers. No offence to any one here… I myself have Khadhi clothes and wear it on hot summer days, mainly because of skin issues…. Khadhi is probably environmentally friendly option, so please do not get this wrong. Like I said earlier, this is about hippocates in Khadhi and not the khadhi itself.

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    @ Anon 2:18 AM

    Well said.
    To add to it, just as if you are working for an MNC you follow the western dress code, it looks good on the minister with traditional attire. I don't understand why people complain wearing traditional dress, lets learn from arabs, japanese, scottish people to value traditional dresses.

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    AK-630 has become outdated decades ago, I am surprised that they are installed even in new ships.

    Steel quality is also not military grade and that is really sad. Thanks to Sonia and Antonyji.

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    is this the last one or some more fleet tankers are coming?

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    @ anon @ 357 PM

    nobody is fooled by what he wears..u might be the only moron who votes based on clothes!!!

    have u ever worn the said dhoti….its very comfortable…i will state it again ..a significant portion of the population (significant doesnt mean majority) wears its…loves it..finds it comfortable

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    This Anonymous at 3:57 is protecting his lungi because it airs his body parts. Nothing wrong with that: cool in summer, as always. But, try fighting in a lungi v. fighting in a trouser and see the difference.

    You should always realize that there is an appropriate dress for every event. When around the military, at a formal military function, give the right impression about efficiency, competitiveness, and smartness. If someone is going to sanction a lungi, then why not just a "kachha" which is even more confortable.

    Fighters fight with a sense of discipline which is enhanced with wearing a uniform. If dress didn't matter, why ask all military people to wear uniforms.

    The bottom line: this dhotiwala must be given a kick in his bottoms where it shows from between his lungi!

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    Dont believe everything that CAG says to be gospel. They are just a bunch of glorified chartered accountants.
    They even got the value of the 2G scam wrong!
    No where in the world is 2G valued more than 3G and yet CAG valued 2G at Rs. 1.7 trillion – more than twice the amount 3G was auctioned for!

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    "Dont believe everything that CAG says to be gospel. They are just a bunch of glorified chartered accountants."

    they may be non technical people, but they have understood the problem.

    Military equipment is usually built to a higher quality than commercial vessels. The grade of steel being used is a commercial grade steel.

    It might be adequate for most jobs, but it may not be in times of war. Only a warlike situation will show the difference.

    By then most of the people will have moved on.

    the standard of construction also looks visually shoddy, like its been banged together by unskilled immigrants from North Africa. If an Indian yard delivered such a product, imagine the criticism.

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    "No where in the world is 2G valued more than 3G and yet CAG valued 2G at Rs. 1.7 trillion – more than twice the amount 3G was auctioned for!"

    this is not necessarily true. Indians currently may not appreciate or have use for 3G

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    @Anon 4:43 PM
    Ministers are policy makers and not fighters.
    Before the british, India had a very good army who fought well wearing dhoti's. Kerala's martial arts kalari is performed with the warrior wearing dhoti. It is the heart of the fighter that matter and not what he wears. If a person is coward, even he wears the best of the fighting suites, what is the point.

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    @ ArkAngel…

    eh..this was the value for auction in 2008 when 2G services were already being provided by some service providers and others want to enter into a market which was showing a huge demand

    3G has not even started (ok maybe some companies started after auction) ..the demand for 3g is not that high if u look @ what fraction has a phone capable of 3G…if there were to be an auction of extra spectrum for 3G( i dunno whether that can be done)…u will realize the full value of 3G spectrum there any1 in the world who is not incompetent other than u?

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    For Anon @ 11:40:

    I understand your motivation, and I think I understand where you are from, as well, and I understand why you are protecting the dhoti. I don't mind your defense of the dhoti, but here's some simple education for you.

    The trouble is that before the British, India DID NOT have a good army: that is why they were beaten badly by the Afghans, and Afghans ended up ruling most of India, albeit as different countries as vassals to Delhi and Kabul.

    Modern warfare does not encourage dhotis in battle: if that was the case, the Israelis and Japanese and Americans and all would have switched to it. Dhotis are an INEFFICIENT way of dressing in modern warfare. Are you going to ask the entire Indian military to switch to the dhoti? Get real!

    You can perform martial arts in Kerala in a gymnasium wearing the dhoti. Very good! But, that's for the gymnasium, not on the real battlefield in snowy mountains or hot deserts, or jungles of Assam and Burma.

    Listen, anon at 11:40. Get real! Wear your dhoti at home! Wear smart trousers at a formal military parade. And, if you can, increase your height, as well! This dhotiwala in the picture would never be accepted as a soldier owing to his short height!

    As for policy making without knowing the subject matter, it is a disaster when the minister of health isn't a medical person; when the minister of education has never taught in the classroom; when the minister of transportation has never worked at a construction site; OR when the minister of defense has never got his butt kicked on the battlefield.

    So, as I said before, time to kick this one's butt!

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    @Anon 3:06
    The smaller countries which formed India now had great armies. Any history students would agree that there were great wars fought before these foreigners could set up their empires. Indian kingdoms were prosperous which didn't ensure that they have to go for wars for prosperity where as these invaders had to fight continuously to get prosperity. Take the case of Ghori who had faught and lost many times against indian rulers.
    Soldier and ruler are different. You can take the example of Pakistan, Burma etc where Soldier becomes ruler. You don't have to be a general to be a defence minster. You need a good heart and have good people work for you.

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    For Anon @ 5:04:

    I guess it's OK for you that the minister has a good heart no matter that he may be a butt-head!

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    This Antony and his dhoti are a disgrace to the modern military.

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    @ anon of 3 06 AM
    i think u have got some confusion..
    he is the defence minster….not a regular soldier in the armed forces…and if it comes to the point where we need people from non services to fight…i guess we are screwed..dhoti or no dhoti

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    @ anon of 12:14 PM

    I have been following these comments, but I think you are the one who is confused. There is no need to be parochial and defend a person from your state. The defense minister must set the correct example. Because he's a lungiwala, he has adversely affected military culture and morale. You can't have a moron be a defense minister.

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    @anon 1:56 PM
    "Because he's a lungiwala, he has adversely affected military culture and morale".
    If the father of the nation can wear dhoti and still don't affect the morale of the country how does a defence minister affect morale of the armed forces. Regarding defending antony, I am not defending him because he is from my state but because I admire him during his tenure as Chief minister of Kerala. His looks are not great, neither he speaks great but he performed his role as a minister very well and commanded respect even from the rival communists.
    Another thing is Dhoti is still worn by a significant population in south india. We have schools who makes it mandatory to wear traditional dress on some days. White shirt and dhoti is the marriage attire for south indian hindus.
    It is high time the north indians show some respect to their fellow citizens from south. You need to understand that even though we belong to the same nation there may be some cultural difference and being a good indian also means understanding this difference and respecting others culture.

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    @anon 10:25 pm

    I've got an idea for you! Let's give Kerala independence. Then you can wear all the lungis in the military you want. Just don't enter into a fight with India then, because you know what will happen to the outcome!

    Respect has to be earned by everyone, not demanded! Respect will only be given where it is deserved.

    In any event, Antony has been a lousy defense minister. I suggest we should ship him back to Kerala where he was good!

    And, it is horrible that the father of the nation wore a dhoti! That culture itself has kept India behind!

    Incidentally, M Gandhi is called the father of the nation because it suits the Congress Party, and suited the British, as well. But, he delayed independence by atleast 25 years and destroyed the competitive fibre of the nation! Chakra for spinning cloth, my foot!

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    @ Anon 2:14AM
    I dont wanna go off topic but since you brought it up again let me dig in further.
    CAG offered various presumptive notional loss figures based on different assumptions. What makes you believe that 1.75 trillion (the highest figure)is the right figure?
    2G spectrum was not auctioned in 2008 and 3G spectrum was auctioned last year.
    If a 2G auction is held today it would NOT raise the Rs.700 billion that the 3G auction did!

    3G is technically much more superior to 2G. Contrary to belief 3G is not just for the rich. 3G can be used as a substitute for 2G – to sustain their normal services like voice calls without call drops.
    Hence, telcos were liable to bid much more to acquire 3G spectrum than what they did for 2G.

    If we go by your explanation then shouldnt Maruti 800s be more valuable than a Mercedes because the not many Indians can buy a Merc?

    Shouldnt gold be more valuable than platinum because Indians have huge demand for gold? Yet platinum is more expensive.
    Yes Raja screwed up and he should be shot in the back of his head.

    I suggest you not believe everything that is fed to you through overzealous news channels.
    Get your own perspective man!

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    @Anon 6:12 AM
    You seems to be an anti Indian suggesting splitting up of the country and disrespecting Mahatma Gandhi.
    Regarding Kerala, who are you to suggest independence, we are proud to be Keralites as well as proud to be part of India. It is guys like you who pulls India down. You can go to pakistan if you are not already from there.
    Regarding Antony's case if you are an Indian, vote his party out when next election come if you feel that he is lousy. But personally I don't feel so, he is doing well what he is supposed to do.

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    @ arkangel

    well..the CAG figures were speculative..we will never know what they really cost…
    what the CAG did was look @ how much the spectrum was resold for …and extrapolated it…now i am not sure whether thats a fair way to calculate market value….looking @ how much it was sold for…thats stupid on earth can that be right

    mercs are more expensive than 800s…true..but look @ marutis total profits n merc india's (car division)..and then see who u wud have to pay more to buy

    the way u have to compare it is…tell a u want to resell a benz that x people will want to buy…or do u want to resell M800s but u will be able to sell N times as many cars…and N is big number in this case!!!..and if u tell him u can do one of the two only..where do u think he will go

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    @ anon 612 AM
    if u wanna criticize him on his decisions go ahead..no1 is stopping you…but not on the basis of the fact that he is wearing a dhoti…

    if u think dhoti is the reason why india lags behind…oh lolz….yes..lets give every man a set of formals…damn..u shud be given a nobel prize…genius you are

    Its not for Congress or Britishers sake that he is the father of the nation…he brought an entire nation to the path of non violence…he moved people's hearts…his fasts would end riots…..and that was before he was declared the father of the nation…oh and he still commands respect in a lot of Indians ..more so in the people who have tried to learn more about him
    he had his ills maybe…but the fact doesnt change that he set a nation on the path of non violence…

    about " independence "….kerala is not a state ruled by a foreign power to demand is a part of india…kerala is too made of indians……maybe a new country..formal-land needs to be carved out for people with inflated egos such as you…(and then when you rid the nation of all ills..coz there are no dhotis there)…..obviously u dont want to be in a country of dhoti wearing people…go make a new country…good luck

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    I think I have a very good suggestion: India should add two new marching squads to the republic day parade: one, a lungi-marching squad with a rifle string across their thigh, preferably headed by Antony; and the other a dhoti-marching squad, rifle in one hand, bare-chested, and preferably bare-foot.

    We must, of course, add humour to our otherwise dull Indian existence. Besides, we would be assuaging all traditional, indigenous interests. Nothing would be better!

    To add color, we will make them carry the colorful flag of Kerala!

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    @Anon 1:24
    I understand you need to be bad mouth for your dull existence, there is no humor in insulting some one's culture.
    You come up with lots of suggestions, try to get some suggestion to change your dull existence and do some ting for the country.


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