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    mathi man

    Call me pessimistic but If DRDO is making a Brochure for defence procurement, shouldn't it be showing stuff like:

    The Sukhoi MKIs , The Bofors artillery, the Boeing C series trnsport craft, stuff which was "procured" in the past from foreign vendors and not the "indegenous" stuff. The indegenous stuff says hey u vendor see we already have our own stuff , please stay away.

  2. 2


    Disband MOD inspection agencies. they are thorn in the indian defence R & D flesh!!! The tantrums thrown by these bureaucratic babus will scare away even the bravest of all Engineers working in the defence production organizations. Adopt procedures followed by defence majors all over the world!!!

  3. 3


    ironic, is it? that the procurement manual has on its cover page a suite of indigenous products ?

  4. 4

    Mr. Ra

    At the face value it is good that the ambit of defence offsets will now include weapons and services for counter-terrorism.

  5. 5


    It is a shame that all our government is able to do is decide procedures.

    No practical effort is put in ensuring the country's security and defence preparedness.

    All we do is decide on procedures, while our adversaries are arming themselves with 5 Gen aircraft.

    Will these procedures come in handy if our country is attacked?
    I say make paper planes made from the printed material.

  6. 6


    DPSUs are good in marketing, they can make good presentations and convince people of how they can do the job.

    But when it comes to actual delivery they fall short of requirements and miss the deadline by more than a decade.

  7. 7


    @Anon 12:06 am: please enlighten us as to which of our adversaries is arming itself with gen 5 aircraft ? India is also working on both the PAK FA program as u know and the AMCA.. if you are talking of China.. then india with Russia's help is getting ready to induct the T-50 PAK FA by end of this decade, just like China's 5th gen aircaft plans.. i don't see any "arming itself" coz they are not yet ready for induction. As far as our other worthless adversary Pakistan is concerned, it will only get Gen 5 once China inducts into its forces. Now don't tell me that that JUST FATTOO 17 Blunder is a 5th gen aircraft, and same for the "at best 4th gen" F-16s that it posses, so i don't see anything of alarm for India. We are on track and our Govt is on track too, as we all know, the only operational 5th gen aircraft today is the F-22 Raptor with the USAF, and please USA is not our adversary, unless you are writing your posts from within one of the caves on the AFPAK border.

    Jai Hind 🙂

  8. 8


    @SS Good post mate. I was going to point that out myself. The problem is people don't bother to read the full articles/documents but instead, post on the basis of their prejudice and scraps of information provided by TRP based media.

    Also, I would like to point out one important thing people, surprisingly, paid no attention to. While it is true that India and China will get their Fifth Gen Fighters on ~2020 BUT India will get 50 Fifth Gen Fighters (The single seat versions of FGFA) around 2016. That almost 4 years of dominance. Think about it!

  9. 9


    We need as much transparency in this multi billion $ defense purchases as it has the scope to be mother of all 2G scams.Till date no one has been brought to book in any defense scam. The latest buzz about Bofors actually legitimatizes kickbacks i.e. Win Chadha has not paid taxes on his kickbacks!!!!


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