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    is it 300m or300ft ?

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    R Nair

    Wish you and you wife a very special and happy New Year Greetings.

    Off of the topic.

    I read the comments by Dr. Saraswat that Agni-II Prime was failed because of the quality of the components procured from the industry (

    Is it possible for you to go deep into this matter from your resources? If DRDO knew the quality of the components, why did it procure the components from those firm/s? Or did they find out only after the "failed test"? Or did they wait for this test to declare that components were of bad quality? Was there any tests on the quality of the components?

    Anyway, this is a very serious issue, isn't? DRDO might have procured more components from these firm/s in their previous missile tests. If so, DRDO can guarantee the quality of the components? How does it know that, when need arises, the missiles having those components will not fail?


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    Since it is a SATURATION DIVING ship, it is certainly 300 meters (just over a 1000 feet)


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