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    If Air chief is not happy India is not,he is an out spoken man and DRDO must heed to him and fast

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    Yes Yes , we Indians had made it, congrats to all member who made this project a successfull…. a loud applause to you'll, Fanstastic!! Awesome!!!…Great work… Our road for Tejas has begun……Try making this aircraft with more advanced avionics, Radar and Weapons..Best of Luck….This day will be remembered as 'The Birth Of Tejas'

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    Hi Shiv,

    I have a doubt. When ever Tejas is shown in public, there will be always two Russian Missiles attached to its outer most pylons.Even at static display. Why is it so?. Is Teja's airframe(wings) are not stable without those Missiles?

    Please Clear my doubt in this regard.

    One more thing, Some time back you reported that a foreign institution is employed to audit HAL Dhruv manufacturing facility inorder to overcome the refinement problems identified in Dhruv's Gearbox(Transmission system).What is the outcome of it?

    Why news about "inquiry board setup" is coming to media always, but not the outcome of the board's findings.


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    The IAF chief's comments seem to indicate that the IOC is premature from their view and also that the plane does not yet meet their requirements.

    In case IAF are not happy with the pace of work of ADA / HAL, MoD should start thinking of creating a competitor for the existing combination. The MMRCA / AMCA can be handed over to a new combine. The ADA / HAL combo already have the Tejas / FGFA / AURA / MTA / Dhruv / LCH projects on hand.

    Irrespective of the form of organisation (PSU / PVT / Joint sector) the time has come for introducing competition in the domestic market

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    Congratulations to all who participated. It is a proud day for India.


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