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    Really HAL Dhruv feels an really a product of international quality
    <>delivered in time <> … would be even better with
    indigenous Avionics …..

    don't think i will feel same about LCH ….does anyone??

  2. 2


    They could have used a better background music instead of that belly dancing music. Why HAL is not employing international professionals to churn out quality sales vids?

  3. 3


    I have seen this already on YouTube. Anyway thanks

  4. 4


    @Anon 11:57
    They should not employ only sales guys, but first in project management and then in later things. Like ergonomics, avionics, etc …

    Hire retired engineers from Russia, Germany etc. And get the best guidance in the world.

  5. 5


    What was most impressive was the comparison of the Dhruv with the Eurocopter AS365, Bell 412EP, Sikorsky S-76.

    It is better in four of the most important categories-

    -Cabin Volume which for various roles means more space for troops, medics, etc.
    -Speed, which will only improve on the LCH due to its better aerodynamic profile from head-on aspect
    -Rate of climb nearly 50% better than the rest
    -Service Ceiling of 4500 m with 5500 weight is especially a clear indication of how good the LCH will be as well.
    -Empty weight is also lower than the S-76 and Bell 412EP with higher MTOW as well.

    It is quite clear that HAL needs a commercial arm that can market the Dhruv and LCH properly, backed by very enthusiastic Govt. support. If this helicopter was made and marketed by Eurocopter or Sikorsky or Bell, it would've been a hot seller world wide.

    For instance, after 100+ hours of testing in Chile's varied climate and terrain, they chose the inferior Bell 412 most likely due to better marketing and US govt. pressure.

  6. 6


    the navy dhruv may not be so ill-fated. i think you might like to take a loot at this and post it for the other readers.

  7. 7


    Nice video! Substantially informative!

    Now, we have to manufacture 2,000 per year of these!

    You think this is too much to manufacture? Well, the Americans manufactured 250,000 aircraft of all types in WW II between 1941 and 1945. That was 65~70 years ago! It should be a cake walk with modern technology!

    But wait a minute! Indians don't know engineering and manufacturing! They've given engineering a back seat for all these years. That's why the LCA has taken 55 years (count the time from HF-24) and submarine production is still 85 years behind the world!

    To get in with it, India needs to reinvest heavily in its engineering education and training. Get it that modern warfare is engineering warfare!

    In fact, it's high time that an engineer became the next COAS or air chief. Time to get your priorities right!

    Best of luck!

  8. 8


    Dhruv is one of the best helis in the world and is an export success. Yes, India is finaly exporting something to others! It has also become foundation for various successful spinoffs like civi-transport, LCH and a naval unmanned version. Calling it 'ill fated' reeks of personal prejudices.

  9. 9



    Chile took bell not because of its marketing skills and govt pressure; but because of the reliability and less accident history.

  10. 10


    Hi Shiv,

    Any update on the replacement of the Chetak in the Indian Navy ? Dhruv was supposed to be it, but things have turned out differently.

  11. 11


    India must aim to become leader in helicopter technology.
    HAL and Government of India must export more number of ALH, Dhruv. GOI provides grants and aid to many countries. ALH DHRUV should be marketted against such grants. Battle testing of military equipments is very important. India must donate a few of this helicopters to Afganistan after providing adequate training to the Afgan pilots.
    This helicopter must be sold in all friendly and neighbouring countries through aggressive marketting. Real and accurate feedback about performance of the helicopter can be obtained from foreign customers only.
    For war time security reason, the manufacturing of the helicopter must be hundred percent within India. We must now increase the manufacturing capacity of the helicopter. India now needs an indigenous medium lift helicopter.


  12. 12


    To Anonymous at 10:36 AM..

    Bell 412 has a lesser accident history ?!! Boss, google it, this is open source information. Bell 412 is not in the least bit a safer helicopter.

  13. 13


    WTF's with the arabic music?

  14. 14


    Saw one Dhruv along with two Mi17s at Raipur airport two weeks back. One week back, again I was passing through Raipur and again I saw them. Means they are being used in anti-Naxal ops?


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