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    ajay kumar

    dude the airshow was amazin… and hope u could post some videos here… and congrates on ur flight in rafale…. i am sure it was awesome….

  2. 2


    Unfortunately, I am yet to see decent pics or video of LCA and LCH flying and static displays, maneuvers HAL claimed will awe struck LCA and LCH critics.

    Did I expect too much? What's point of posting an image of an old standing in front what seems to be the LCH TD-2.

    At least I was expecting to see High Resolution all side pics of LCH TD-2, videos of LCH flying displays, videos of LCA flying display, analysis of what maneuvers these birds made this time, how these maneuvers were different from the Aero India Flying displays of these products in 2009.

    Did I expect stars?

    Looks like, Shiv, you are just having fun for yourself, busy trying to find a free ride in foreign aircrafts!!!!

  3. 3


    LCH TD-2 deserves more pics nd video walkthroughs……something fishy goin on……..when its was in a knock down state with paint still drying up…pics flooded the net, now when all the toys and weapons put in hardly any pics….wats goin on???

  4. 4


    high res videos of LCA missing ……are all professional photographers just stockin em in the cupboards to encash them later.
    One decent video of LCA maneuvers should have been posted by now.

    We just have to rely on amateur video's ,not tat we aren't thank full wholeheartedly to them….but some high res videos wud have been a real pleasure to the millions of fans who cud nt really be in bangalore this time.

    Thanks a Ton

  5. 5


    Well shiv theses pics not taken by you!

    where r u?

  6. 7


    anyone notice the Saab's insignia in the 1st pic? 'SE-KSI'..

  7. 8


    @ anon 830…hardly surprising if you are here regularly 🙂

  8. 9


    @anon 8:43….and am searching all over the net……some(2) pics of TD-2 all decked (one with the old man and one from behind the baricade which made it look menacing is all i can find… all i hear are complains abt it ,its camo pattern when it had'nt even climbed down from its transport…….its funny


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