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    Awesome pics…..

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    Folks ,

    I would like to ask a simple question – How much skill , politics , money etc. does it take to purchase something really basic :-

    a ) Basic Trainer ;
    b) Basic and Light Chopper to replace the cheetah
    c) Basic point defense fighter to replace the Mig 21 in numbers
    d) Basic Medium transport to replace the An 32 in the near future ;

    What are we trying to prove by holding all these tamashas and competitions; Our enemies are quietly augmenting their strength while we are still discussing , evaluating , testing and making a joke out of our defense preparedness. How does an offset clause defend my country ? Don't our pilots deserve better ? Why not take a bloody poll from our flyboys and take a decision.Remember the SU-7 ? Every one abused it but it came in quick,numbers and saved our hides in 1971 even if we took some casulties. An old pilot still fondly remembers the feeling when its cannons roared. I would appreciate if all the learned jingos in this blog stopped debating and made a collective noise to get the damn planes in our AF and get them now.
    Forgive this outburst but those two pilots in the chetak crash should have been amongst us. So many youngsters begining their training and their parents deserve better.


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