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    can somebody please tell me the total number of ALH produced till date and the number of ALH on orders .

    thanks in advance

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    Not relevant to the topic but the following comments is about a recent news report.
    DRDO's Operating System
    It might sound a 'wow' thing for many when Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India announced about its new OS, But if you know what actually it means then it should sound the most ridiculous. In an other comic sounding statement they believe a closed source and architecture will make it secure. If they think keeping it far from internet will make it secure, then why need a secure OS? It is really a stupid thing to reinvent the wheel. I don't understand why highly educated scientists in the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) don't understand. Why can't they invest the time and money on the available open source systems to make it more secure so it can benefit all the organizations and the same time save time and money? When the American counterparts like NASA and other Defence establishments around the world use Linux for their use, why dint DRDO they think of it? What do they mean by hacking their systems? Isn't secure enough? Are they going to built another OS and take years to release it just like how LCA became? Is there any valuable, credible, genuine reason for writing their own OS? Are there any computer engineers in DRDO? Don't they how long it will take for an OS to mature and become stable, and secure? Instead of wasting money (that's our money, my money, I pay tax), they can do something better. LCA took 15 years and still under development, just my money wasted. India still buys aircraft from others, no indigenous fighters. This OS will take another expensive 10 years to deploy and before they find security holes, somebody will hack the system, drop a nuclear bomb on ourselves

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    reference is made to the talk by maj gen Bharali on requirements of a helicopter for high altitude operations? he made no mention of ALH with new engines…somebody from the audience reminded him that ALH with shakti Engines is capable of taking 600kgs up to an altitude of 21000 feet, and is certified for 200kgs.

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    NICE!!! HAL should now start taking risk in R&D. Its time to start to think beyond dhruv.

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    then which engine is earlier used on it…..

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    this will help army in transporting its ammo,rations and other items to the some of the world's high peaks at the time of winter as the other helos like chetah,chetak cant handle much paylods and as per my info it can fly at 20,000 feet with 600kg.that is sm payload at that height.


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