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    india must involve russia in defense
    R & D to develop MBT.
    Arjun is scrap metal box of indian army.

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    Kamal, get you facts right first, ARJUN is a world class Tank and also verified by a third audit country on request of (corrupted) IA official.
    Infact T-90 is the scrap metal, tin can.
    Arjun beats tin-90 hands down, in competition, you forgot ? or you got money to forget it ??
    why not support domestic products and save dollars ?
    why you people are eager to send all the hard earned money to russia, france, US ? why not use that money and develop and support domestic industry ?
    People like you are shame and blot on India, which do not understand the value of hard earning of foreign currency.
    Morons are ready to waste money and support foreign company, but never want to develop domestic industry, and even after having world class products, people like you find many excuse to look down and delay and kill domestic projects.
    Ask any expert(other than dgmf bharadwaj of IA) and they will tell you where the ARJUN stands in world tank ranking.
    Now get fckoff.
    Jai hind

  3. 3


    shouldn't they go for stealth in design of MTA?

  4. 4


    Lets hope to see this Bird soon, I heard IA aviation also looking at it..

    Btw, Arjun MK-1 is a excellent MBT so does T-90S, Both are in IA service, Arjun is better than T-90S in some ways, But both are formidable tanks..

  5. 5


    I think we instead of developing another civil aircraft like NRCA,we should use the Indo-Russian MRTA's body/fuselage itself and then customize the same interiors for a Regional Aircraft role…as the MRTA seems having better landing gear and strong fuselage suitable for landing in small and semi-prepaired runways in north east and north himalayan terrian challange.
    I feel this would be most cost effective and quicker solution.


  6. 6


    Good stuff shiv. These look like High level design diagrams-hats off to your connections.

    On another thought, we look to be making good progress on the MTA. Hopefully HAL will be able to absorb some technologies which will enable us to develop the next cycle of transport aircraft (Haha-does't cost to dream, right?)


  7. 7


    @kamal arjun is metal box off-course every tank is. engineering "is what we called" how to place it right.

    And for MTA i think it is little short in term of length.

    Let them bring it to life than we see how good it is.

  8. 8


    Shiv, can you please post some additional specs on this MTA? What are its max payload, speed, altitude, crew, the type of engines it will have, the thrust and SFC of the engines etc?

  9. 9


    MTA will definitely add more punch to our transport capability. Why are we not thinking of developing the MTA for operation like that of the US Special Operation Commandos, where their C130's are equippped with excellent targeting systme snad the side belly of the aircraft equipped with cannons and high speed gattling gun.

  10. 11


    Shiv, thanks for the MTA spec link. However, that is from 2009. Has anything changed in the specs since then? Has the IAF revised the ASR at all? Was there a similar spec at this year's AI too?

  11. 12


    India needs its own Heavy Lift Aircraft. Keep the money here. Develop technology. Build the Nation.
    Go India.

  12. 13


    Just one thought: I do not know what the intended weight capacity is, so if below 60 ton, my comment does not even apply: Assuming that this is being developed from ground-up, would it make sense to build it to be wide enough to accomodate at least 1 Arjun MBT? I understand that it will take several sorties to transport such tanks in numbers, but every dorp eventually counts when you have a need to fill the bucket.

  13. 14

    Packers Movers

    Arjun MK-1 is a excellent MBT so does T-90S, Both are in IA service, Arjun is better than T-90S in some ways, But both are formidable tanks.


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