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    The UN should not be interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.

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    @ anon 8:03pm
    friend, the UN has the right to do a lot of things concerning the internal affairs of a country, including military action

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    finally my hopes have come true .. but which country will engage it's aircraft for imposing the no-fly zone

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    lol, What a joke, Its a triangle. Gadaffi was attacking people who were helping Iraqi rebels to attack american forces in Iraq. At the same time Gadaffi dint like America. There is another threat that if Gadaffi is removed, Al-Qaida can have heavy influence in Libiya.

    Westerns are in a real messed up situation this time. I think they will keep Gadafi to rule the country for some more time

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    Mr. Ra

    Once the Peoples's Democrats determined to form their temporary revolutionary government at Bengazi and around and to defend themselves like Leningrad and yearn for the global popular support and for the formation of the "No fly zone" whenever they come in to vogue, then the things became seemingly easier.

    The UN readily approved the "No fly zone" and UK and France approved the use of EFT, Tornado, Rafale and Mirage within hours. Italy and Qatar were ready to provide the air bases and then Gaddafi has shown the first signs of relenting. Nostradumus must be understanding the tactics behind this. Lol…

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    Really,which country is goin to implement it……

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    Rajiv Kumar Kaul

    @ Anon 8:13 PM
    Buddy, Leave your name if you have one. Read a book if you do not have a job.
    @ Anon 8:23 PM
    What is in it for you that Qaddafi family is to be removed? Or you watch too much cricket?
    And, answer your own questions, next time.

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    @ Rajeev Kumar Kaul
    why r u so interested in names. It an anonymous blog by the choice of the owner.

    most of the libyan people want the gaddafi family to be removed not just a few indians and i am disappointed that india abstained from voting in the security council.

    there are a lot reasons that gaddafi has to be removed which includes acts of international terrorism(which can turn against india anytime) he even provides bounties for the heads of his critics including journalists , political repression of the libyan people(it is said that 10 to 20% of the libyans work for gaddafi as informants in various sectors in libya) gaddafi rules by force often executing his own countrymen publicly , most importantly he is NOT the legitimate ruler of libya(no matter how long he ruled) because he was never elected nor is he liked by his people.

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    Just when the story is getting exciting you have come back.

    I guess you might need to go back.

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    lets see for how many days Libian forces will survive against RAF typhoons & tornados,French rafales,Danish F-16s, Canadian & US F-18s

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    @Rajiv Kumar Kaun

    Who made you the prefect of the blog?
    What is in it for you if people chose to remain anonymous?

    Still have a problem ? Suck on it !

    ANONYMOUS because i chose to be !

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    Mr. Ra

    Canada is sending a half dozen CF-18 Hornets to enforce the no-fly zone.


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    Rajiv Kumar Kaul

    You are anonymous because you choose to speak indefensible things.
    No, the Libyan people have done very well under Qaddafi. Keep your bogus statistics to yourself and cut down on voyuer, psychophancy thrills.
    My heartfelt counsel to you would be about placing your highest concerns for India and Indians and building an India that can prove a match for anyone and everyone. Not one that celebrates people who cheer an assasinating posse with highly questionable motives. Your vison is of a world ruled by USA and NATO military bases with Anonymous locals governing the show. Those are your appointed prefects who lack the mandate of the people but enforce their agendas by propaganda, arms, threats and corruption.
    Wikileaks is a classic, glorious example of a crook appearing to be honest and objective made chaste suitably by his native governments dumping him.
    The leaks keep pouring in with no
    letup and no impact.
    Let me tell you what went wrong with Colonel Qaddafi and I know more than you about Libya.
    Sr. Qaddafi has been trying to cosy up to USA ever after Ronald Reagan bombarded Libya. He has got the usual USA dessert for his pains.
    Good Luck, pal. You will need it all the way. Remember me when your lights go out permanently…. or not! I have the courage and bravery to pen my name and speak the truth.

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    Have u moved on from a defense correspondent to a Foreign Affairs correspondent..???

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    India china and russia abstained from voting because they have similar "internal Problems" within their countries.

    Remember Chechnya, Tibet & Uighur and as you know in India, there are several armed conflicts…

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    @ Rajeev
    how can u call my comments bogus.. all my comments have some reason in them
    firstly.. most of the libyan people want gaddafi removed.. that is the reason they are revolting.. and a very large part of libya is under rebel control who are supported by civilians(as mr aroor reported)
    acts of international terrorism ::
    heres the wiki link(plz don't tell me it is western propoganda bcoz libya has accepted a lot of the accusations and offered compensation): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Libya_under_Muammar_al-Gaddafi#Gaddafi_and_international_terrorism_.281970-1990.29

    the indian aspect can be explained in pan-am flight 73 in which more indians died than nationals from any other country(funded by the libyan govt. even when india did not have any negative relations with libya) or the libyan funding of pakistan's nuclear programme.

    political repression ::
    he is also reportedly using civilians loyal to him to surround his air defense systems as human sheilds to deter UN airstrikes

    and that he is not the legitimate ruler of libya.. that is obvious.. very few major countries support his regime, he came to power after a military coup and he has never been elected as a leader of his country

    i have supported all my comments using links and reasons
    now please try to explain how the libyan ppl have progressed under gaddafi and that he should remain the despot of libya

    on the matter on anonymity, many of us want to remain anonymous because we have our own professional lives and we are concerned that our employer or clients or colleagues would not find it good if he differs from our opinion in a particular subject.. important people such as the the chief of staff has been in trouble a lot of times for making public statements.. as obama has stated that in the age of google and youtube anything we write can be brought back against us at any point in our life.. so i would recommend not to use your name if you are stating an opinion that many people may differ with.

    you can't force us not to be anonymous unless u create your own blog.. if you want to know everybody's name here i will give you an idea convince Mr. Aroor to make u the admin of this blog(which will be the last thing he will do) and change the settings to non-anonymous.

    yours faithfully **********************


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