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    WOA !!!! No way .. she can even fly by night !!

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    Ravi Khanna

    I hope this statement is true… Good for India…. 🙂

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    how many night flight tests needed why cant they test spin recovery , increased aoa , in flight refueling
    what about naval lca which should have been flown in december last year and lsp-6.

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    Is this RADAR is PESA or AESA ?

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    Aditya Agrawal

    Good to see the Tejas make waves in the day and night sky. Wow! The great Indian Fighter Plane.

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    Jai Ho! Congratulations to the entire Tejas team who are working tirelessly

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    Gr8 news by Tejas Team.
    We are with u.
    @Arun: its MMD radar, AESA project- UTTAM is running with technical guidence of EADS.

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    preps are in full swing for the spin-recovery and high AoA tests
    for spin recovery, a special spin recovery parachute is needed. integration needs to be done and has to be analysed before actual test. and because a spin recovery chute is fitted in, no landing chute will be available.
    for high aoa, simualations are going on. also remains to be seen is the engine restart in case it goes off at high aoa.

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    IAF has committed to buy 83 MKIIs if the LCA meets their expectations they should purchase more since no of old MIG 21s and 27s and Jaguars are just too many to replace untill the 5th gen fighters arrive on the scene.i hope IAF will eventually settle for 200 and Navy for 50.

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    At the ratshak forum, we believe this is part of an extensive test to ensure that the lighting systems work so that pilots can see what they are doing at night.

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    Com'on guys on one side india is evaluating the Gen 4.5 + aircraft for MMRCA. on the another side its testing ? (for how long) its late crah aircraft Gen 4 — / ++ .
    Do you think IAF is going to use LCA ??.I think thats why they selected Sulur air force station.
    I dont know when this LSP is going to crash like the IJT trainer. HAL rocks.
    Dont waste the hard earned taxpayers money in the name R&D.

    GOD please save the IAF pilots from this Late Crash Aircraft


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    Dear TaxPayerji,

    What will India do if Other nations do not give defense equipments?

    Patthar mar kar pakistani ko harao ge???

    agar research nahi kiya hota to 1 bhi missile nahi bana hota.

    DRDO budget is 12,000 crores… that is like 1 billion each for every wing of our defense forces. Peanuts… usmain Mig 21++ Banta hai to bhi accha hai….

    so first go any pay your Taxes without cheating government and then come here to comment. BTW agar US main ya UK main ya fir australlia main bhi gaye hote to 30% tax pay kar rahe hote… sooch lo…

    Best Regards, Real Indian Taxpayer.

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    Please show us some photographs of the manufactuing facility being developed for LCA Tejas. Manufacturing of the Trainer version of the aircraft must start right away.
    We must invest more time, energy and money in faster development of Kaveri engine as the same wlll surely power the M-MRCA during flying some day. The most innovatve Indian engineers will make it happen. We dream Kaveri will be powering both LCA MarkII as well as M-MRCA.

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    I doubt about Kaveri powering LCA Mk-II because ADA-HAL had already signed contract with GE for F414 engine…

    but wish to see Kaveri for AMCA and future projects..

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    Tax Payer like our paki is extremely worried that India will stick to the LCA and acquire vital experience.Tax payer knows that developmental programme in every country have suffered set backs and crashes.The ones who ultimately win are those with the guts to stick it out.Tax-payer is envious that even without taking into account a single LCA the IAF is a very formidable force.Like the Pakis he knows that the JF-17s of the Pak is a cheapo fighter with no quad FBW and 'what pak can afford' avionics.The Pakis would love a Typhoon or a rafale or even F-16s and F/a18/The prob the europs wld want money and the yanks will gift only the number they feel like.So the Pakis are left with only paens that they sing to jf-17, fantasising of stealth add-ons and attributing mythical abilities to the JF-20s and what have you that they assume would be gifted by China to them.Is that where Tax-Payers angst comes from!!!

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    LCA is pride of India. How many countries can develop a fighter from ground up and to boot that under sanctions. Congratulations to the team, keep up the good work.


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    Anonymous, Real Indian Taxpayer.
    1:36 AM

    LOL. Great post

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    Thanks Bro…. I hate these HouseRats…


    The Real Indian Taxpayer….


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