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    Thank you very much Shiv for your effort to get this documentary from IAF….and also kudos to IAF for giving you the permission to host it on livefist.

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    hail IAF…

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    Thanks Shiv for posting this video, and for the effort in sharing this video with us. Extremely grateful to the IAF for allowing this documentary to be shared on Livefist.

    Wishing for the glory of the IAF to grow with each passing day!

    Jai Hind

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    Dte of Ops (Media & Public Relations)

    Dear Mr Shiv Aroor,

    1. Further, to our discussion on date. Formal permission to host 'Hunters at Dawn'on your blog will reach you shortly.

    2. Kindly direct all queries for acquiring a VCD of the film to mids@iaf.nic.in or webmaster@indianairforce.nic.in

    Best wishes,

    Dte of Ops (MPR)
    Air HQ (VB)

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    These men are geniuses!

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    Thanks for posting these videos. Very informative and motivating.

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    Shiv Aroor

    @Dte of Ops (MPR): Much appreciated.

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    Good effort Shivji. Hope we will get more masterpieces like this in the future.

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    Thanks for posting the video

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    A big thank you to both Shiv, who took the pains to host this fantastic docu on his blog, and to IAF to bring to light an important event which few of us know.

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    Dte of Ops (MPR)

    Dear All,

    I hasten to point out that the real issue here is the conspicuous speed of response, innovativeness and gallantry displayed by personnel of the IAF and the army and not the DVD or VCD of the film.

    The battle of Longewala was a classic air vs tank battle that has no precedence in Military history.

    Shorn of hyperbole and 'filmy' stuff, this splendid film by Mr Rohan Cawasjee was made for the discerning such as you. Besides being a film maker with a military bent of mind, he is the son of Wg Cdr R A Cowasjee who was a veteran of the battle. The film was funded entirely by regimental funds of the IAF. And please, we didn't shaft anybody. He continues to promote the film and because of his efforts, the film was telecast by News X in 2009 and 2010 on the anniversary of 'Longewala'.

    Do understand that the IAF, quite like the Army, and the Navy, does not make such films for commercial reasons. The film was made for recording historical data. It has always been with the IAF Museum at Palam for sale (okay, the young boy selling it at Palam wasn't the best salesman, but I pretty sure he is great at his primary job). It is available for sale if you hit the downloads section at the IAF website. We regularly offer it for sale at Aero India. We sold quite a few in the recent 'Swarnim Gujarat' air show in Vadodara.

    Speaking in the same vein, do visit the Palam Museum and explore the jewels that are available on display from your air force.

    Your suggestions are welcome at mids@iaf.nic.in. If you want a DVD you'll have to wait a little bit. A VCD is readily available. Please do send us a mail at the mids@iaf.nic.in.

    Finally, thank you Livefist, this underlines the need for serious jounalism.

    Directorate of Ops (Media & Public Relations)

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    Thanks a bunch! The IAF saved the day at Longewala. Too bad 12th division chose caution and did not exploit the opening and push thru to RYK as originally planned. Indian Defence Review has an outstanding set of articles on this and the 11th Division thrust further south.

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    Thanks to the IAF for not showing baboogiri over a few rupees, and allowing free posting of videos.

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    THis battle simply showed that it is not the machine that matters but the Man behind the machine. Gallent men, men of valor, First knights of the country – I bow to theee and salute you.


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