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    Tako Nada

    God willing India should induct large numbers such aircraft to deter paki-chinese onsaught.

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    capital P

    What is India's participation in the programme, is it only moneybags!!
    Composites, avionics..??

    When the deal was officially signed in N Delhi the aeroplane was already flying..

    Also there is a dichotomy in the requirement of both forces ie Russians opting a single seater and Indians a twin-seater aeroplane

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    Give us a super hi-res pic for wallapaper 🙂

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    Composites and Electronics from India also the wing concept from LCA

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    Hi Capital P,

    The current version of PAK FA is a single seater aircraft. India has joined hands with Russia to develop a two seater version which is the requirement projected by IAF and is expected to induct the later in 200-250 nos. The current flying prototype is for Russian Air Force.

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    Mr. Ra

    Indian two seater FGFA must be a well thought over and experienced strategy over the Sukhoi T-50. It may be especially helpful during the peak and deciding moments of the war.

    With this progress the fears of J-20 if any shall be quenched.

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    translation is not working

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    why does india need a twin seater?
    Is it to ease pressure?

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    this is certainly a good choice of aircraft, guaranteeing India's air power in the future

    the two-seater version is also a superior choice in my eyes: aside from the doubling in my man power, I imagine that in any future conflict UAVs and UCAVs will be increasingly important, as will the ability to control them from forward aircraft. so with a second pilot on board, FGFAs will be able to directly control one or multiple UAVs/UCAVs, reducing the dependancy on long range (satellite) communications

    IMO the lack of a two-seater version is a major flaw in both the F-22 and F-35 designs btw

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    5th Gen means advanced avionics and other eqps/automation which will dispense with the need for a 2nd pilot. None of the 5th Gen fighters have 2 seat configuration. Adding another pilot will severely compromise the stealth and other features of a typical 5th gen fighter. Our IAF is still thinking in terms of 4th Gen for a 5th Gen fighter i.e. generation gap not only in terms of technology but also mindset.
    Latest news: F35B has flown successfully. We must also think seriously about acquiring this jet for our forward bases and other amphibious operations. Now US Marines have reposed their faith on F35B the only true VSTOL jet after the venerable Harrier.

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    I love the MiG corporation but them bringing nothing more than an upgraded Mig 29 with a bad record of MiG 21 and hoping to win the MMCRA was just a very bad idea,

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    The PAK FA has only 2 prototypes? Last I heard the J-20 has around 7, which shows that the Chinese are really fast-tracking the J-20's development. This means that the J-20 could be in full production at least 2 years before the PAK FA.

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    Will hal will design an indian prototype

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    chengdu j20 is conducting flight trials with their only 2 prototypes, 2001 and 2002 with different engines.


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