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  1. 1


    All political drama,
    koi fayda nahi,
    Gundo ki meeting me kisi ka bhala hone koi bat kaise ho sakti hai?
    Aisa propagenda krne se chhini huyi zameen aur shahid huye hamare jawan vapas nahi aayenge.

  2. 2


    @ Bhavin said… to kya haath pe haath dhar ke baith jaaye? or jawaan shaheed hone de?

    U r talking as if u knw all of them personally?

    If u have a land dispute with ur neighbour over ur home, even that can take generations, u are talking abt our countries here, dude.

  3. 3

    Mr. Ra

    Better talk with them and prepare roadmap as to when they are surrendering POK and themselves. We had enough with them.

  4. 4


    m not talking abt being inactive, but telling abt keeping softcorner towards Porkis.
    Second thing, i don't know evryone but we kno smone. I dnt know abt u but we have promised some one on deathbed who had givn his life fr mothrland. U cant understand ths imotion. In short "Ab to Yuddh hi kalyan"

  5. 5


    Lots of rounds of talking and still the politicans have not understood the futility of talks. Just go in for the kill and capture the last Paki outpost. Let the victorious march of our sacred motherland begin from Siachen. Only blood and blade has decided the future and demise of civilizations.

  6. 7


    Only solution to dispute is….KHALAS! Hai dum India me???? India me dum hai, India ki janta me dum hai..per Neta!!!!Neta koon choose rahaye hai. Path of salvation from India starts at snatching power from the corrupt and ends at elimination of enemy in totallity.

  7. 8


    Siachen can NEVER be given up!
    Pakistani's lie as if their life depended on it!And its all coming out now.
    Even if someone in Pak promises something on siachen,there is simply no guarantee what the next guy may come and do?Who know another Zia may come up and declare that promises made to non-muslims are nor required to be kept.Sounds incredible?Check what is happening in Pak today!

    Pakistan by its birth and definition sees itself as an antithesis to India.If Pakistan acknowledges India,it negates its own nationhood.India can never but Hindu, extremist and anti-Islamic.If this sounds a bit exaggerated and over the top,just peruse through their texts,social media,loud thinking of their thinkers,Ghazawa-e-hind etc etc.If Pakistan were to acknowledge India as a secular,largely tolerant nation with significant amount of Islamic culture and Muslim citizens THEN what was Pakistan created for??
    Pakistan will forever define India as an existential threat.You can hand them over Kashmir,Siachen entirely and still there will not be peace . I can guarantee that. Pakisatn ultimate security solution is the disintegration of India and reestablishment of the calipahte!Sounds weird and crazy!But,listen to any discussion of theirs, and one of them will end up saying 'humnne in logon par 1000 saal raj kiya hain!"As if Pakistan is the global thekedar and monopoly holder of Muslims!!!

    At most we can hope to indifferent neighbors.I would rather always keep our guard up.

  8. 9


    Just a pissing waste of time!

  9. 10


    I am sure the politicos won't sell us out on Siachen.This was a guts and glory fight by the army.

    Not one to compare but this was probably more daring and ambitious than Kargil considering this was in the 80's and the type of clothing available then.

    Also the access to Siachen from the Indian side was way more treacherous than from the Paki side.

    I truly feel that putting the flag on siachen was and is our Iwo Jima moment. It will always be something that burns the opposition with envy.

  10. 11


    so sad that you cant write 12 in capital numbers. hahaha

  11. 12

    Mr. Ra

    We do not have any border problems with Papistan and Red Dragon China.

    However we do have some border problems with Afghanistan, Iran and Tibet. So we should plan and move accordingly.

  12. 13


    Yes, actually, the border problems are not with China but with Tibet, because China is in illegal occupation of Tibet.

    In addition, we can scarcely recognize Pakistan as a legitimate country, so we can't have border problems with them. That leaves only Afghanistan, Iran, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh as our neighbors.

    Since we created Bangladesh, we can recognize them, but they had better stop training terrorists in their territory, or else we'll simply come after them. Same goes for Burma.

    Because Afghanistan is a friend, we'll warn them not to export Talibani terrorism, and leave it at that.

    Iran had better start behaving, or else we'll have to bomb them, as well.

    If the lesser countries like UAE, Kuwait, and S. Arabia support Pakistan, they do know what the consequences are going to be!

    And, Sri Lanka had also better be cautious as to how much they cozy up to China, because it's quite easy for us to cross the Palk strait to them.

  13. 14

    Mr. Ra

    Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Baluchistan can be accorded with maximum possible autonomy with open boundaries to their neighboring nations friendly to India.

    Bangladesh can be attached with autonomy and free market economic measures, whatever it means.

    Tibet too can have a benevolent arrangement with India like Bhutan.

  14. 15


    Time to change the order and political boundaries in South Asia!

  15. 16


    Is this talks at this time is pay back for Pakistan by US government for Betraying Osama(all that crap about sovereignity being violated is for Public consumption. The 313 brigade attack on PNS Mehran confirms that it is Pakistan which has betrayed Osama)Indian politicians especially the world bank types are beholden to USA. the Armed forces chief must not squander what is achieved by the ingenuity of our Army under political leadership of late Indira Gandhi who taught General Zia a lesson. This also has toughned our forces for operations in snow clad mountains.


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