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    brave move by mbda. i hope they win.

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    To Shiv Aroor: the Indian Army's early 2010 tender for a QR-SAM
    Where's the tender? It is just an RFI, not an RFQ.

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    Shame India does not seem to be considering the option of buying into Pantsyr or Tor, far more capable (in terms performance and design philosophy) and mature systems than MBDA's SAM.

    That said there are no development opportunities and im not sure what off set could be offered. Plus it would probably be a long wait as Tula does not seem to be able to build the Pantsyr fast enough to keep up with the high demand of its Super-SAM, Kupol probably has capacity though.

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    tako nada

    Bravo..India should go to Maitri missile.Its ours.


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