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    Pl dont miss this question, whether an uprated engine will be available? Are there any plans? And was this the same fact that Indian MOD refused by not allowing a fresh bid of engine

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    Hi Shiv,
    If possible do ask him
    1. If it is possible fo India to be made a partner in rafale & the development of it's future versions /Enhancements (like PAKFA)

  3. 3


    Shiv please ask French defence minister Gérard Longuet (i) if India can take part in Dassault Neuron program (ii) Interested in joining AMCA program if India is looking for foreign partner (iii) what happened to the RFI provided by India for Nuclear strike capable aircraft (iv) exchange Mirage 2000 for Rafale instead of upgrading….

  4. 4


    hey shiv what are the additional packages offered with both the contenders such as vectoring nozzles,AESA.

  5. 5


    India is trying to utilize the MRCA deal to provide impetus to its indegenous defence industry.
    From what we hear, the EADS consortium is making big effort to win the MRCA deal by proposing to make India part of the consortium to build eurofighter. What deal is being offered by France(to counter the co production offer of EADS) to tilt the deal in favor of rafale. If possible try finding about it.

  6. 6


    another reason why eurofighter must win – France will play both sides to its monetary advantage – its time to make ur stand clear – with us or against us

  7. 7

    Ivan Pnto

    In case they are interested in the Rafael deal (working with India) they should give India the source code of all platforms they give to pakistan so that we know what to do and when.

    Enjoy your day out with the French. By they way, looks like both Dassault and Eurofighter are both trying to cosy upto you for better image projection on Livefist.

  8. 8


    Please ask him questions regarding his unscheduled call to the Pak PM & what is his interpretation about the effect it had on New Delhi.
    Thanx in advance.

  9. 9


    Why is Rafales Engine Thrust in 80`s while the eurofighter has more than 90 Kn of Thrust.

  10. 10


    questions to ask:

    1> whether an uprated engine will be available?

    2> are they with us or against us (china and porki)?

    3>In case they are interested in the Rafael deal (working with India) they should give India the source code of all platforms they give to pakistan so that we know what to do and when.

  11. 11


    Why french hardware is not as commercially competitive as other defense companies all over the world

  12. 12


    France will sell to anyone who can pay the money to buy its weapons. There should be some guarantees from France that they will not sell sensitive military equipment to Pakistan if they get the MMRCA deal and the Mirage 2000 upgrade.

    After giving them 12+ billion USD, and if they still go and sell to Pakistan and China, then there is no point of achieving diplomatic advantage through military deals.

  13. 13


    Please shiv ask this

    Arms to both side why? Is money is France preference

  14. 14


    Are they going to supply Rafale to Pakistan in future?

    Then there is no point of buying it, isn't it?

  15. 15


    The french had earlier said that the Kaveri Engine could be used on Rafale. Could you please find out if this is plausible???

    Big K.

  16. 16

    g0n3_cR4zY !

    Please ask if France has plans of selling arms to Pakistan (keeping in mind its present unstable scenario and its closeness with China), selling to India & Pakistan at the same time(double standard,like they did on Scorpene & Agosta deals, which greatly compromises our national security ?

  17. 17


    The French, like the Russians and Americans, are simply merchantmen. It is ridiculous for India to think they can have any one superpower completely in their pocket.

  18. 18


    If India had developed its own engineering expertise, it would not have to be subservient to foreign powers.

    The moral of the story is clear: have good engineering and be a strong sovereign country; have poor engineering and remain a slave, being whipped from pillar to post, from Russia to Israel, to France and America.

    Maybe the stoopid Indians would buy armaments from China, too …

  19. 19


    Please ask him about French-Pakistan defence relations.. And that what will be their reaction if the Rafale fails to win the MMRCA..I mean on what scale will it affect French-India relations..
    Thanks and regards

  20. 20


    Can the French Intelligence Agency – DGSE not mess with the MMRCA competition just like they did the last time around with the Mirage 2000?

  21. 21


    Shiv tell me honestly which aircraft do you prefer the French or the Euro combined as who have flown in one of them atleast.

  22. 22


    Tell Longuet, from the Indian people, FULL TOT or no deal. And if they help with integrating Kaveri and stop seeing the paks, we will all learn French. That would be tempting, yeah?! 🙂

  23. 23


    hello shiv.
    do ask him wether now there is a possibility of the mirage upg and the rafaele deal be linked 2gether..
    like there were reports some time back suggesting the same..

  24. 24


    Even when there was no official engagement with Paki PM what was Frechie DM business in meeting him…. 1) to know how osama was found by cia after all the frenchie teching the techniques… 2)to teach enhanced techineques immediately how better to hide mullah omar and move around (as Paki's has done just now)… 3)to ask how much frechie's are going to get from paki's (market price) for the nuclear delivery source code of rafale going to india ??? …

  25. 25



    Silly it seems, but yet I wonder.

    Will the Mirage/M-MRCA (if it goes through with the French), enhance collaboration with the French in higher education (French aerospaceaircraft based engineering institutes are highly reputed, and even considered the very best by many).

    Maybe a question you could ask.


  26. 26

    prashant singhal

    HI Shiv,
    Please ask whether the rafale made available to india will have AESA with GMTT / GMTI (detection and tracking of moving ground target), interlacing between air/air and air/ground modes as even such concern was brought by UAE too and if not whether there is a chance that since two customer want it ,so it can be planned. I wonder whether he will be knowing so much technical detail.

  27. 27


    May I suggest you to ask about the way to complete the offset?
    (Using other companies like Areva/EDF (Nuclear), DCNS or even ESA ?)

    Can Airbus, Eurocoptèr…, be in the balance for this deal? ( Used one or the other camp)

    And, for enjoyment : How is the food?
    ( See it as : What is the French point of view?)^ ^

    (Sorry if, there are a lot of mistakes, but French is my native language)

    PS: Great Bolg

  28. 28

    Mr. Ra

    What technical shortcomings are blocking them so far from full success at Libya.

  29. 29


    Are you planning to talk about Somali piracy and need for possible land invasion of Somalia pirate heavens? French could be up for that.
    Also, in an unprecedented move, pirates have refused to release 7 Indians sailors despite ransom being paid. This sounds like a direct challenge to IN.

  30. 30

    Abhishek Chaudhary

    Hello Shiv,

    As you know, India has always tried to block defense dealings of other countries with Pakistan directly or indirectly. This is the main reason why JF-17 is still waiting for French approval for different avionics feature as French people know they might loose in MMRCA if they make this (or any)deal with Pak.

    I have two questions, first I want to ask you, what you think if this unscheduled meeting with Gilani was to scare India side about the possibility of defense deals with Pak in case India rejects Rafale? Other then MMRCA, we have scorpene projects already going on so its not that we are completely rejecting defense deals with France.

    I want to ask French minister which country his homeland favors if we compare India and Pakistan? Remind him of Indian displeasure if France go for any type of deal with Pak now and in future.


  31. 31


    Hi Shiv,

    would like to know about the status of the Army's light tank (300+) and FICV (1000+) competitions…

    whether French products such as AMX or VBCI could be involved


  32. 32


    according to a website there are no major modifications in ,so why a whooping price for just an upgrade,as far as i know there is not going to be new engine
    Is iaf is not left with any option ,rather than upgrading this old air frame?

  33. 33


    ask them about future >joint ventures in engine dvlpmnt, AESA like electronics techonlogy dvlpmnt,
    > ToT in Rafale deal
    and >restriction on sell to Paki-like countries.
    I think all s covered in ths 3 Que.

  34. 34


    One of the reason for elimination of Gripen was also because Swedish sold weapons to Pakistaan. And they are still doing it.

    So this is clear that French and Swedish are playing games and selling weapons to who so ever can pay.

    GOI should reject Rafale and send a strong message to French.

    "Arms to enemy is no sales in India"

  35. 35


    "What technical shortcomings are blocking them so far from full success at Libya."

    you should join libyan rebels on the ground and show them how to fight, Mr Ignorant

  36. 36


    To all those who say why are the french selling to the Pakis too. This is the same reason why they were quiet when we did a jugaad on the Mirage for Kargil and the same reason why they look the other way when we talk of Mirages carrying nukes. "MONEY" with future potential for profits.

    It is only when economies are interlinked can there be said to be a strong strategic connection between nations.

    When we invest wisely in the economies of these vendors[which they have asked of us]. That is the time we can then make such demands.

    Till then the concessions will always be piecemeal.

  37. 37


    To Shailendra and others

    If that's the criterion you are using, the only country eligible to sell arms to India is Israel.

    The Russians sell engines and helicopters to the Pakis and are the largest arms supplier to the Chicoms.

    About the Americans, well we know enough of that. The French, Brits, Italians, South Koreans, Germans and South Africans have all signed small deals with Pakistan in the past decade.

  38. 38



    I like the Rafale, fantastic for its load carring capability, but when it comes to pricing i don't think the French can be depended..consider the mirage upgrade pricing, just 2 much.So plz ask him as to what we get if we buy Rafale apart from the plane.Technologies, Strategic etc. What if 10 years down the line for new upgrades they again ask 10 billion dollar.

  39. 39


    Are they still willing to provide 40 Rafales immediately to cater to the depleting IAF squadron strength as has been reported?

  40. 40


    Shiv, Just one question will do the job.. "Why you think French-Rafale is THE aircraft to secure India's Eastern Border for next decade"?

    Looking forward to see his replies on your website.


  41. 41


    If seems they wish to put pressure on India and retorting to such tactics…they won't be doing two sides, given instability in Pakistan..

  42. 42


    ask if u can
    1. does kaveri scnema jv subjected to a Rafael win in mmrca deal.
    2. Can Indian made Rafael use proposed kaveri scnema engine or the upgraded scnema engine of 96 kn for UAE.
    3. will France sell rafael to pak.
    4. can mirage 2000 be upgraded according the requirements of IAF.
    5. Will India be included in french AESA project if the deal goes through

  43. 43


    whats the status of the Kaveri development? when do the French expect to sign the contract and deliver the engine?

  44. 44

    Mr. Ra

    ""What technical shortcomings are blocking them so far from full success at Libya."

    you should join libyan rebels on the ground and show them how to fight, Mr Ignorant".

    Thanx! But they were supposed to have a massive support and were being projected to sweep the things within days. Now what?

  45. 45


    Methinks one of the reasons the M2K upgrade cost is so high is because Dassault would prefer replacing them with Rafale. So, if we can work out a swap deal like Su-30K it will be great. Mind you, I am not asking for the Mirages to be given up at a throw-away price.

  46. 46

    Jyothi TM

    Is choice of most expensive planes available in MMRCA contest telling us something. India already has Sukhoi MKI (air superiority). Its expensive and to have confidence to invest in either Raflae("omnirole")or Eurofighter (air superority)means that you have a good support from the would be tejas sqads. Does it contrary to popular belief indicate a faith that Tejas could turn out fighting fit.

  47. 47


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  48. 48


    JUS CANT W8 TILL PAK FA COMES OUT and shiv is there any info on indian interest in the mig lmfs


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