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    saw this baby at aero india. real stunner. but i have my doubts on whether indian govt will be convinced about refurbished airframes. the navy's QR's are anyway for ops in tropical conditions and salty air. i am not sure they will want second hand airframes, despite what saab says about setting them to zero hours.

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    Indian Navy has second hand items from the US already.

    The advantage of the Saab 2000 is that these are SAAB's own and thus sanction free.

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    Eriye is also used by the Thai Air Force networked with their Gripens

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    Better not get them if not necessary…

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    For maritime reconnaisance, the Embraer EMB 145 MP would be a good choice. Its state of the art. The IAF has already bought the 145 AEW&C ERIEYE and therefore commonality of spares and maintenance is an advantage. Buying used planes compromise safety and performance.

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    Not the EADS/CASA CN-235, but the C-295 fitted with ELTA's EL/M-2022(V)3 radar and EADS/CASA's FITS mission management suite. This configuration is already operational with the Chilean Navy since 2008. Also bidding is Bombardier Aerospace's Dash 8Q-400, also with an ELTA mission avionics suite. High-wing twin-engined regional turboprops like the C-295, ATR-72-600 and Q-400 will be more preferable than the ex-Air France Saab 2000s that are being offered.

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    I am thinking that India should make a proposal for the purchase of the design for production in India. Joint sales potential.

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    Mr. Ra

    Accept them only at throw away prices. The terms of payment should be separated for each lot. No advance payment shall be made. Then 10% payments on receipt of the lot consignments. 50% payments within 6 months of receipt or immediately after the acceptance whichever is earlier.

    The balance 40% payments to be distributed yearly for next five years as security deposit against blockade of spares supply on trivial issues like Gujarat, Kashmir or TN at Pokharan-III etc.


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