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    tako nada

    what's the benefit if we are not allowed to export Brahmos to other countries.Indonesia and vietnam wanted to buy from India but later purchased the same category missile from Russia,our trusted ally and friend.we need not look to others but sell the same independently.

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    @tako nada: Brahmos is way more expensive than Yakhont.

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    Ashish Kenkare

    It wasn't about export regulations. I think i read an Article where the Brahmos chief had said that the Indian orders are so huge that it is difficult to cater to export orders.
    More importantly, does india have an End User Agreement in place? Do we have a random inspection of product sales agreement in place? I don't think so.

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    Tako Nada

    Dear friends, Russia is preventing India to export Brahmos coz it will hamper their effort to sell such weapons to other countries.Russia arms twist India ,many cases are there.Yes true big order is placed by armed forces and few years production line is booked but after few years many Brahmos type weapon will float in world market and India will find it hard to sell own stuffs.

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    To tako nada: Who has ever said that India is not allowed to export BrahMos to other countries? Russia has never objected to any BrahMos export sales, as it too stands to make financial gains for any export sales of BrahMos. And yes, the BrahMos is much more expensive than the Yakhont simply because the Yakhonts ordered by customers thus far (like Indonesia and Syria) are configured for firing at targets located within 50km of the launch site. For engagements far beyond the horizon these two export customers won't even dream of using the Yakhont as none of them have any over-the-horizon tartgetting capability. Lastly, the Indonesian Navy, which has to date bought only four Yakhonts, has itself admitted (to the Indonesian media) that the sole test-firing of the Yakhont it had conducted thus far, ended up in failure as the missile was nowhere near its intended target (located less than 50km away). Therefore, the accompanying Indonesian press corps dutifully covered the test-firing, but were never taken to the area where the target was located, as they were told by the Indonesian Navy that the missile had gone astray and the maritime target was untouched.
    It is therefore far better not to export the BrahMos to countries that don't even have airborne platforms used for over-the-horizon targetting, since an erroneous fire-control solution derived from the missile-launch platform will only lead to the BrahMos missing its intended target, and consequently almost everyone then will blame BrahMos for the failure.

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    Mr. Ra

    The primary objective is to complete the stores of Brahmos and parallelly develop the Brahmos-2.

    The other objectives may automatically follow.

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    prabhu dandriyal

    anybody can tell that in so called Brahmos has any modification done by
    Dr pillai's team, is any evidence available? or it is all variants of russian missile and painted in India

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    Tako Nada

    @Prasun K Sengupta:-As per world media Yakhont misisle tested by Indonesian navy was successful.It was reported India was almost finalised to export Brahmos missile to a Latin American country possible Chile but USA stepped ina nd offerd them Harpoon missile.Pls. follow below link,

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    Prasun K. Sengupta

    To prabhu dandriyal: If only you had attended the Aero India 2011 expo last February you would have seen with your own eyes all the India-made components of the BrahMos missile and its related C4I and fire-control systems. Further info and photos are available at: http://trishulgroup.blogspot.com/2008/12/brahmos-mrcm-operational-with-indian.html

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    Prasun, some questions

    1. My understanding is that Brahmos and Yakhont have roughly the same range and speed. Brahmos might be a bit better in these aspects but not radically so. If so, how is Brahmos much better than Yakhont? – apart from maybe better accuracy and having ability to be fired from many types of platforms.

    2. Why does India always say Brahmos has no equal? I don't agree. As far as stand-off/cruise missiles go, Brahmos' range is very poor e.g. compared with Taurus, JASSM etc. Agreed Brahmos is supersonic and close to Mach 3, but it is not unique here. For example I think the french ASMP is also Mach 2+, with a equivalent range.

    So what makes Brahmos so unique?

    btw, I think we desperately need to increase the range of Brahmos, before venturing for the hypersonic version.



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    Ruslan A.

    2 Prasun K. Sengupta:
    I've failed to find any evidence of what you say — neither concerning Yakhont and BrahMos range (and price) difference nor concerning the tests in Indonesia. Would you provide any links or details?

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    Rohan Sharma

    Brahmos is supercruise missile and is unique.
    It derives 32 times higher kinetic energy then usa Tomhawk cruise and is almost 4 times faster.

    The power of brahmos is such that if it enter from one side of a warship it comes out from the other side.

    It's range is pretty good for now but yes a improvement will boost the capability as anynaval ship going near at about 300 km will risk getting attacked itself.

    The brahmos 2 underdevelopment project address these issues and it will be of 700 km range
    with two almost twice the speed at over 7 mach .
    Indian scientist have patented the procedure for that.
    Russi and india are partners in brahmos project and anysale will benefit both.
    Russia does blocked the sale of Brahmos but not for indonesia or any other nation.
    But just to israel and other european nation looking for it. As Russia considers they have close ties with USA.
    Similarly India has blocked china
    as they can gain from it and have close ties with pak and itself a foe for India.

    India wanted The Brahmos of a much bigger range at about 2000- 5000 in various types But Russia is a signatory to a pact because of which such powerful missiles of this range are not allowed.

    But India is increasing its range and if able to get it around 2000 or even with 700-1000 under its current brahmos 2 project then the air to air vesion of brahmos will make it invincible in sir superiority as with such a range and sukhoi class fighter it can penetrate anything in enemy field easily without launching missiles.

    Also Brahmos 2 is a stealth missile and will not be visible after 1 -3 sec just as Nag Missile.
    And at over 7mach there is no interceptor missile that could do anything to it.

    Russia has asked India not to export Brahmos and prithvi to israel or usa.
    As usa has showed interest in prithvi series of missile.

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    Are u Shitting me !!!


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