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    Although there is delay, it seems that the PAK FA is progressing well. Still there are doubts whether it is comparable to the mighty F22 raptor. There are doubts that Whether it is as stealthy as F22, whether it has the super cruising capability as F22, whether it has excellent electronics interface and whether it has special BVR weapons?. If these parameters are comparable or even better then F22, then only India could claim that it has chosen a prospecting 5th generation fighter spending billions of dollers.

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    Abhishek Shrivastava

    Shiv, Please make it clear, how much indian guys r contributing in development. its already a developed fighter but we r still on negotiating table. But DRDO claims 25 % contribution. How is it possible? Do the Indian avionics and others will be used on Indian twin seater version or on whole program?

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    Frankly speaking the chinese fifth generation fighter jets is now the world's best

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    the indian

    WOW!!!AWESOME it look stunning..better than F 22 AND CHENGDU J 20 IT IS REALLY 5TH GENERATION FIGHTER JET.

    jai hind

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    Nice to see the older brother of SU30. Hope it keeps up its promise(s)

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    India is not going to fight USA with its RAPTORS. For its security needs and also with regard to cost, I think this is a very good aircraft.

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    pakfa is a best 5gen fighter.

    >It is not as stealth as F-22.

    >But The PAK FA SH121 radar complex includes three X-Band AESA radars located on the front and sides of the aircraft. These will be accompanied by L-Band radars on the wing leading edges.L-Band radars are proven to have increased effectiveness against very low observable-VLO(F-22) targets which are optimized only against X-Band frequencies, but their longer wavelengths reduce their resolution.

    >This indicates a UAC official quote that PAKFA r not developed as stealth as f-22 but developed in-order to counter any threat posed by VLO(f-22) targets.

  8. 8


    IAF eagerly waiting to crash this too!!!

  9. 9

    joydeep ghosh

    @Shiv Aroor

    some questions

    Q1 The hind wheels look unusually large, any particular reasons?

    Q2 How many years before we can expect to have the 2 seater FGFA in air?

    Just hoping the PAK FA/FGFA dont turn into F22 Raptor (Ostrich) the bird that cant fly.


    Joydeep Ghosh

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    What an beauty. Eagerly awaiting induction of fifth gen fighters in Indian Air force.

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    Pretty pictures but don't bother for five or six years, until it is something besides a technology demonstrator.

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    There are some airframe difference between the two prototypes. Please shive, let us know all the difference.

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    !!! Support Anna Hazare !!!

  14. 14


    We are all Anna Hazares !!!!

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    You know the sad thing? This plane will probably be ready for induction before the Tejas Mk.2.

    Wonder how many decades it will take for us to reach these standards. No wonder the IAF enthusiastically jumped to buy 300-350 of these as soon as the contract was signed, whereas for Tejas they don't even want 100.

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    Looks Good:))
    Would b a nice tool for IAF in network centric age of 21st century plus it will b having artificial intelligence as well which means serious reduction in pilot's workload during intense combat missions nd not to forget the world will get to feel the revolutionary development in stealth technology.Plasma stealth.Looks v promising.Hope the project doesn't get delayed and aircraft enters production stages in 2014-2015.

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    I personally think entire airframe design is frozen.I think INDIA'S contribution will b like they will be taught by russian's that how this all stuffs works.Though I think avionics will be ours and about modifications in air frame for a two seater, isn't pakfa is going to have a trainer variant.
    these are only my views ,will be delighted to get sm knowledge from others.:-)

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    Correct me if I am wrong but I don't see any provision for internal payload! Then how is it a Stealth Fighter?
    Radar and other avionics incorporated are unknown.
    All said, the moment any aircraft switches from passive to active search mode, it glows up in the radar screen. Perhaps that's why the Russians are trying to live with this not stealthy but partially low observable aircraft.

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    @Raven…. It does have internal weapons bay between its tow engines in the bottom. Observe carefully.

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    A good aircraft until it crashes for some silly reasons.

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    to L.V. Prasad.stealth fighters are specifically made for close combat engagements.not for bvr be more specific.if a PAK FA has to bring down a f22 raptor,then it has to engage itself in close combat.because the f 22 will be able to detect a lock on or in the other case a PAKFA will not be able to lock on a F 22.


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