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    Totally delay delay delay = cost overrun , The failure admin team should be completely changed , MoD should try to offer next ship building orders to private firms ..

  2. 2


    Dont know who fool takes decisions to purchase imported steel !!! Are not we own steel production here. We mechanicals are to serve you? Haven't we have expert metallurgists??? Why & upto whn to be dependent on foreign materials? Bloody Democracy, bloody democracy , . . . . . .

  3. 3

    ananta chaudhuri

    for these quality steel/D40S/B-quality high tensile strength steel why are we depending only on Russia? Why dont we try with Germany and Japan

  4. 4


    Shiv can u plzz let us know wen the first of Project 17A stealth destroyers that is Ins Kolkata get commissioned into the Indian navy??Thanks

  5. 5


    The Navy is still the best as far as indigenous weapons/ships go.This is all part of the learning process.Remember,the west has had more than a century to learn from its mistakes.We are doing pretty good.Of-course,we can do much better,but no need to panic!

  6. 6


    Cost over – runs may be due to delayed decisions on many fronts. Silver lining – now India is capable of making high tensile strength steel…

    Though sceptics would say at what cost. Counter argument – cost payed so far(as upfront) would be far less when India would use same technology for various other indegenious Battle products (comparitive cost in next decade or so)…

    Good Luck & keep building with future needs in mind. As Toyota's punch line "Prepare Today for Tomorrow".

  7. 7


    See, the main problem is not lack of indigenous potential but the morons in our MOD don't WANT to use that potential.

    The PSU shipyards can't meet the Indian Navy's demands on their own? Heck, we've got half-a-dozen top tier private shipyards that regularly outperform them in commerical orders(L & T, Pipavav, Bharti, ABG Shipyards etc). Why not give them a few major contracts before you complain about limited capacity and such?

    As for the warship grade steel Essar Steel had offered to supply it under certain conditions(namely assurance of orders, because demand volume for special steels is relatively low) but as usual this Socialist(forget what the media hypes about Manmohan as a 'reformer') government refused to accept their terms and continued with imports instead.

  8. 8

    Prasun K. Sengupta

    To Bhavin & ananta chaudhuri: The RM was being economical with the truth yesterday. What he failed to clarify is that only the lead boat of each class (INS Shivalik & INS Kolkata) was built of imported Russian steel. The subsequent vessels are all built of SAIL-supplied steel. All this was highlighted almost two years ago by Ajai Shukla in BROADSWORD.

  9. 9


    next is cost escalation, next money laundering, next media investigation…..

  10. 10


    Seems like Russia is the main culprits behind Indian naval shipbuilding. It is acting like a true friend of PRC.

    Now India developed own AB class steel for carrier so it will low the dependencies on Russia.

  11. 12

    Mr Singh

    shiv g , jaguar crashed, killing pilot and girl.



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