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    Its a magnificent machine, I will have to admit my current favourite SU 30 MKI may take a back seat.

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    There's an article by an anonymous IAF official in this blog which states that this aircraft is entirely Russian and all the cry of HAL participation is baseless!

    What the IAF official failed to mention is that this programme is nearly entirely funded by WE (the taxpayers of India)!

    In other words we invested in a platform even before it was designed, and didnt negotiate much for us, except 250-300 planes for the IAF(which the IAF is very proud of, strangely).
    With 30 billion dollars over 3 decades(consider time value of money), we could have got the F22 raptor as well in the same price(esp with the current state of US economy)

    Also, the press is in the dark, about do we get ownership rights of this platform -revenue and a say to whom it is sold? since it is entirely funded by India.

    Also, it raises about the IAF's equipment planning strategy!

    For those, who blame HAL for every issue which the IAF faces, I would request them to look deeper.

    Through out history the IAF has never sat down and planned a 30 year or more equipment planning with HAL, which would have given HAL the required time to develop equipments on their own! Neither have showed trust nor funded them the way we have funded this T50!

    Rather the IAF looks at the international market and decides like a kid in a toy store what it wants?

    If only the IAF had gone the Navy way, which started its own design unit, things would have been much different for us!

    Also, do consider, that the Chinese, rejected the PAK T50 offer from the russians which then came to us, and we are dancing about it !

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    Really impressive till now. It will be an massive boost to our power and will ensure our superiority in region. Russia has been criticized too much by some sections of media for Gorshkov price rise but the fact remains that they are still the most reliable and open defense partner we ever had.

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    can you show us some snaps of the internal weapons bays or, where they are most likely to be located?

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    @Anon 3:21 Chinese defense editors himself admitted that Chinese J-20 is still lacking in stealth, radar, engine in comparison to Indo-Russian T-50 and USA's F-22

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    Jaguar DPSA

    Fantastic flying display.
    however the exhaust smoke trails are a bit worrying. Anyone seen the Raptor emitting similiar exhaust smoke trails during flying displays at airshows???

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    Ravi Khanna

    Great Video Amazing quality.. Thanks for posting Shiv.. I just watched the video 10 times to see weather this type of aircraft will india can fly… Beautiful Than F22 Raptor. It looks like F22 is smaller than T50… T50 is a killing machine… Thanks to Russia now India will also have 5th Gen Figter in few Years…

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    Did any one read that it was a prototype? in other words its TD technology demonstrator like YF-22 and YJF-35.

  9. 9


    Shiv, it seems your channel is reassigning you. Do you want some avid Indian defense fan to take over your blog, because what we don't want is mixing of politics and defense journalism on your blog.

    So to continue good work started by you one of us should take over from you.

    What do you say?

  10. 10


    What an insight survey, I love your article.

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  11. 11

    Tako Nada

    @jaguar:true this exahust smoke trail is not good sign.Hard to remember F-22 also emmits smike trail.

  12. 12


    Do note that it's been previously mentioned the current engines are placeholders as the final engines are still in development.

    Accordingly I wouldn't get to held up with the smoke trail issue. If it continues with the final engines then certainly that will present a problem.

    If you'd like to read a very in-depth evaluation of the PAK-FA do visit Air Power Australia for their assessment. It's an excellent read.

  13. 13


    @Ravi Khanna….

    yes. Pak FA is much bigger than F 22 raptor and it has better range because of this. It has almost double the range without air refuelling.

  14. 14


    Great video of the PAK-FA! Can't wait until Pakistan gets these flying along with the stealth JF-17!

  15. 15


    Bad news, T-50 had to abort a take off during the air show. can u post more on that?

  16. 16


    What is a stealth JF-17?Have the Pakis sorted their avionics issues,lack of quad FBW, engines as yet?The Pakis have been forced to rely on Jf-17 gue to their economic problems and falling out with the US.They are attributing such miraculous qualities to it and a perfect evolutionary future!!I have only not heard of a hypersonic Jf-17,at least not yet!!

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    Most? cool aircraft ever , Wat a Fantastic flying display. T-50 PAK-FA ROCKS !


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