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    Shivji, regarding the news of fall-out between HAL and Turbomeca, how much it is going to effect Dhruv and Rudra production and also regarding the exports of this helicopters?

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    Both of the contenders are ok. But when will India make its truly indigenous engines.

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    India will only have indigenous engine capability when Tata/Mahindra are commissioned by the government for full-scale engine research.

    Otherwise we only have the legendary GTRE which has delivered absolutely nothing in 60 years of existence.

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    This is bad,HAL is making engine for other nation for their heli but not utilising these experience to make their very own engine.
    A waste of time on Hal government should promot private sector to get their desired result on time.

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    Rahul Reddy Pogula

    You idiots make up your mind. If GTRE tries to make an engine on their own, you complain of costs and delays (which are absolutely expected in any field as unpredicatable as R&D of sensitive tech). If they choose to partner up with an experienced foriegn vendor to save time and money (and play safe), then you accuse them of not going all out indigenous. Seriously guys, buck up or shut up!


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