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    Thanks for defending our country for the last 50 years

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    Citizens, Please be aware that this naval base is sitting on comunity land illegaly occupied by the navy. this has been vindicated by the honarable supreme court of india.

    google for several more articles and also a statement by the then chief of navy.

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    Prashant Shah

    The Indian Navy recently spent Rs.13 crore to resurface the runway at INS Hansa, in preparation for the arrival of the MiG-29K.

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    Gentle reminder to the gentleman who has posted that… INS Hansa is sitting on community land illegally occupied by the navy….."MIND YOU DEAR" This land was already captured by "PORTUGUESE PIRATES" using unlawful means and India librated it and Indian Navy has taken over legal possession of the Airfeild from Govt.of India.By the way"Where were you…when it was under dictatorship..and you never raised your voice!!


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