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    Does this mean we get to know on the day itself of who is L-1 or is there a vetting/verification process by the MOD which should typically last a couple of weeks at least.

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    news is eurofighter has officially won the competition. dont ask me how i know 😉

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    4th November it's OK. But which year ? 2014?

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    What happens if they are all very expensive and too costly to operate over their entire life cycle?
    Do we reopen the bids?
    Do they actually share the technology so that we do not have any more obligations if we want to build the aircrafts after the 126 planes?
    The way the fighter planes are failing, we got to be very careful about the technology and servicing by our own personnel.

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    Rahul Devnath

    Finale of the great India MMRCA race. Way to go!

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    If they get their way, I wouldn't be surprised if the EuroFighter is re-named "Indo-Fighter." None-the-less, this is truly a momentous occasion for the nation. Go-India, Go-IAF.

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    what happened to the "mid-October" date…………or "within 10 days" as stated by IAF Chief on AirForce Day ????

    And, is AKA not in Japan on that day ??????

    And, how long before the L1 is announced ?? And, the deal negotiated and finally contracted…..

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    waiting for some more delays.

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    Hi Shiv
    Why so much delay infinalizing the winner of MMRCA …. does the GOVT expect kickbacks?

    Why the delay in acquiring all the 126 aircraft ? By the time the IAF has inducted all of them F35 would be in full production … airwarfare would be on the next gen aircraft ..

    MMRCA are medium multirole aircraft .. the cost of each fighter would exceed SU30MKI the heavy fighterjet.. so why not just purchase additional SU30MKI they would cost less than MMRCA and would do the job….

    If the IAF want advanced avionics . we collaborae or purchase such equipment directly from Israel, SAAB or the EADS and integrate them with our Tejas2 jets ad our indegenious AMCA programe….it would save INDIA foreign currency purchase .. .. we have good aircraft engineers to design and manufacture the main airframe for fighter jets locally….
    We would be acquiring the American jet engines so adding the combat avionics suite from Israel or SAAB foR or TEJAS2 should be good option as we can make our own spares …


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