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    Go Rafale ! The superior aircraft for the IAF !

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    Rafale is cheaper than Typhoon, from all point of view.
    Rafale emerged at the first place from the competition.
    Rafale is full multirole.
    How India could choose any other plane than the Rafale?


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    Are yarr why the blady wait continues. bids to be open on sept 2 week no they againt shifted to oct end what f is hapening

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    month end foe indian babus mean month end of dec 2012……

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    rafale will be the good option

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    Tako Nada

    Rafale will win this bid and turning point for French aviation industry as well as Indian airforce as this jet is capable to fend off any threat from Chinese and pakis.

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    Mr. Ra

    Being cheaper and experienced, Rafale may have better chances.

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    i think rafale will win the contract for following reasons.

    1. Low Life cycle costs ( Though this reason self sufficient)
    2. France is more open to share its missile & radar tech with india.
    3. Rafale is good option for Naval carrier aircraft.

    TOT can be another reason but as both contender have agreed to share Source codes & other Tech it may not play major role.

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    I heard that IAF is ordering 200+ MRMCA.

    In that case please bring both:

    160: Eurofighter Typhoon

    40+: Rafale for our Strategic Forces Command

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    Both aircraft may exceed the benchmark figure and the MoD wil be forced to look at F-18 and Gripen.

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    bah ! eurofighter lost two time vs rafale in excercice, rafale vs ef2000 1v1 dogfight at solenzara and at atlc UAE rafale vs ef2000 7-1 4v4 4-0 & 2v4 3-1 (rafale downgraded 2 rafale vs 4 eurofighter) bvr & dog, since this event Dassault claim the air-superiority on eurofighter.
    eurofighter is not a good bomber, libya show no efficience, tornado make mainly the job for him, people cry it will be better in 2020, it is not stealth, rafale has 50% em absorbant component, facet front was worked in room no echo, spectra cost 5 Milliards euros R&D for advanced counter measure em radar cancelation,ef2000 can t do war electronic, can t nuke strike. ef2000 is outclassed,can t take of rom carrier, the only one good point for ef2000, it is interceptor altitud, logic because it is made for that, it is only good for air police at air border.
    Rafale has now the AESA since 2010.
    When the rafale detect the ef2000 at 80km, the eurofighter detect rafale at 40km, that why it lost all time vs rafale. rafale weight is 9t, eurofighter weight is 11t.
    That is fact.

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    Eurofighter typhoon isn't 11t empty, it is 12t !
    30% heavier than Rafale and only 20% more powerfull!


    this plane started at 9.7t in the 90's , this tell alot about seriousness of this design

    no AESA ordered, and no upgrades yet comited, damnn cold war relic, even Pakiss F16 downs it

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    Max Turbator

    The Typhoon was designed to be an air superiority fighter, and at that role, it is a competent plane.
    But India has already the fabulous Sukhoi 30 MKI, no need for another one.

    As a Multi-role, Rafale far exceeds the Typhoon and I think it would be much more of asset and closer to what the IAF wanted from the start.
    And let's not forget there is also a navalised version!

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    Max Turbator

    Rafale (a true multi-role) is closer to the requirements of the IAF and also have a navalised version.
    Why choose another air sup. fighter when India has already the Sukhoi 30 MKI, it would make no sense.


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