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    If the USAF is "Geriatric", what does that make the rest of the world?

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    ^ Either older, younger or about the same depending on whats in service. There are metrics other than airforce size and capability and the USAF has had terrible issues in finding a new jet it can afford to field in sufficiently high numbers.

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    Anon @ 5:31 PM:

    But USAF has also transitioned some of their routine basic task to their drones. In relative terms, they may say that their birds are getting old, but in reality there is nobody out there who feels confident enough to take them on. The thing is they are not looking to buy 4++ gen fighters anymore, and yes their new stuff (F-35) will be expensive. But, don't forget once manufactured in numbers, the price will eventually come down. Also, with the increasing use of cruise missiles and drones, the other argument that has been made is they do not really need that many fighters as they did about a decade or two ago. I take their complaint about aging air-force with a grain of salt. To me this is about getting a bigger piece of the budget pie than a real concern at this time.


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