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    Me thinks that we should cut down the MMRCA budget in half and invest in drones.

    Have 100 MMRCA capable of taking out Pakistan's Air defences and invest the rest in integrated warfare..

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    shiv any news on late combat aircraft

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    I have to appreciate the fact that you, unlike some other defence journos have stopped the annoying practice of watermarking MOD pictures as your own. Please do watermark pictures that you have taken and have exclusive rights to and for which you should get all the due credit. Hopefully other journos who read this comment start following in your footsteps and stop watermarking MOD/DRDO/DPR/PIB pics as their own.

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    Can you do a report on the ISRO-Devas deal blacklisting Dr. Madhavan Nair? If scientists, army chiefs are witch hunted and victimized like this, we common mortals have no chance what so ever. Are we heading towards another emergency, the way this govt. puts down any dissent or opposition like arresting Binayak Sen, arresting Anna Hazaare, lathi charging Baba Ramdev supporters in their sleep, torpedoing a strong lokpal to become functional, denying the army chief his legitimate rights, scheming to prevent a liberal writer to come back to his own country and share his views publicly and now black listing its former space chief, these surely are dark days for the world's largest dysfunctional "democracy"

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    OK Nice Pic Shiv. But where is the watermark?

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    Can be used as a possible alternative for MMRCA.

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    Cant the same tech be reused for Nirbhay to some extend ???????/

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    Well any news on agni 5 test dates.

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    There is always a doubt that all indigenous developmental efforts for defence requirements are adversely affected due to influence of external forces that do not want India to become self reliant in its defence requirements. We have seen during recent days that corruption has penetrated deep into our system of governance and bureaucracy.
    Please analyse the present status of Lakshya. Why should it take more than two decades to achieve the current state of deveopment of the product.
    Please review the developmental status of Marine Kaveri. It was declared succssfully developed. What happend thereafter. Should we not have installed ten such engines on various ships and completed the user trials. Government should inform the nation about the status of marine Kaveri engine.
    There is a huge backlog of supplies for ALH Dhruv. Why do we not increase the manufacturing capacity of Helicopters. Why the manufacturng capacity of HAL Kanpur is neither augmented nor any other product is allotted to it for manufacturing for more than one decade. Bad management and suspected corruption is preventing development of such indigenous products like LCA Mark-II, LCH, Main Battle Tank, Medium capacity Helicopter, artillery etc. The authorities appear to have taken a vow not to export any of the products successfully developed by DRDO. Indian economy as a whole is also adversely affected due to improper utilising of Defence Budget for development of defence products.
    What is the proof that external influence is not preventing India to become more self reliant.

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    hope tomorrow will be the day of winner of the mmrca.

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    deepak yogi

    @ shaddow
    ive been hoping thatfor years now…..
    but if its delayed further then there is no point in waiting just scrap the deal and move on with LCAmk2 which will be ready by 2015,, its just 2-3 year gap between MRCA and LCAmk2 — and currently we are also not facing any immidiate threat wjth our neighbours,,,,


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