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    LOL. with less than 3 days of ammunition supplies in stock, defective artillery, lack of night vision equipments, army is celebrating the armour day.
    God Save India.

  2. 2


    when indo-us joint exersis us deploy stryker afv against BMP-2 IAM VERY Disappointing bmp-2 look like WW-2 performanse china have lot of TYPE OF IFV AFV WITH 105MM GUN LIGHT TANK AMPHIBIOUS TANK who run in 4000 meater height why india only 1 type of ifv why india not give direct order for afv of pvt compny like mindhira ,tata ashok ll they buy 300 light tank from forign only 300 for gujrat to kashmir, laddakh to arunachal only 300 tank ha ha ha per 250 km only 1 tank:(

  3. 3

    Ankit Bhardwaj

    I think all the above said problems are due to lack of indegenisation of defence products. China has a full-fledged manufacturing industry.they employs cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. In India our problem is not of product designing as we have highly qualified designers in DPSUs, but when it comes to manufacturing we still use WW2 machines thus reducing productivity and complexity of manufactured products.We have to invest a lot of money and manpower in the specified area.

  4. 4

    Mr. Ra

    Blacklisting of the companies has perhaps only aggravated the situation of defense scarcities. There should be a primary optional punishment of graylisting rather than directly blacklisting.

  5. 5


    Arjun is an good tank but have a bad publicity. I have never heard of any china and pakistan product being criticize by their army politician media. Is they develop best in their missile never get failed. NO but they people accept their indigenous product as their Army officer and politician is not getting millions of $$$$ in weapons deal.
    so please accept Arjun.
    swadeshi apnao desh bachao…

  6. 6


    In any major war, the country with the faster prodction rates (not better quality weapons) wins the war. In WWII Russia had faster production rates while Germany had better quality. Also US had faster production rates of military equipments then Britian, France or Germay.

    Today China has the fastest production rates in the world because of there indegenisation program and well developed manufacturing infrustructure. India neither has the quality nor fast production rates to counter China. Add to that we are heavily dependent on foreign supplies for ammunition and spares. This situation needs to change COMPLETELY if we want to counter China. Carrying out "excercises" with foreign equipment is not going to win us many wars.

  7. 7


    Each of these tanks has a place…but they do need night goggles

  8. 8


    I agree with Joy. China even with their 3-class reversed engineered weapons and equipment have their OWN production lines. Us (India), on the other hand only have assembly lines. Big difference. What will happen during a full fledged conventional war when our foreign suppliers will stop supplying us the parts to assemble our great planes and tanks? No indigenous production = sorrow defeat and later internal political struggle which will eventually lead India to split into many states. Why the F* our babus can't foresee this?


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