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    It was deliberately done by the Swiss.. not their fault, its business.

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    Any news on IJT Sitara. Hope it will be ready by the time Kiran will be out airforce.

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    There's nothing a good bit
    of lobbying can't do.

    Great job, HAL! First we made
    the Omanis select INSAS as
    standard assault rifle for their
    army, then we made the Saudis
    sign deals for joint development
    and production of weapon systems,
    and now we got the Swiss to
    lessen the price of PC-7A for
    our own benefit…we sure can
    lobby really well!

    Special invite for pakistanis
    to cry over this now! 😉

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    hope this doesn't affect the quality.

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    recently heard that rafale deal will be signed in 2014. can anyone confirm this.

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    the terminator

    Agreeing first to a highly inflated price and when competitors show how much India can save by buying their aircraft, HAL quickly goes back to the Swiss to cut cost. Why in the first instance agree to an inflated price that does not even include TOT? There is something very fishy here. HAL seems to be in the dark where due diligence is concerned before agreeing on the price of any item and the other ramifications of the deal. Or is it just the indifferent attitude prevalent at HAL for decades because they are the only aeronautical entity holding the monopoly and dictating terms favourable only to them and not the country.

    In fact looking for a basic trainer from overseas shows how weak and rudderless HAl has been over the decades. Being the only company vested with the powers where aeronautics and its development is concerned, HAL for what it is worth could not even produce a workable BASIC TRAINER.They are so adept at license production and happy with screwdriver technology that they failed to realize there is more than just fabricating other people's products from CKD units.

    The MOD minister and the babus are equally to be blamed for lack of vision and direction. Nothing will move or get done if someone like Gen V K Singh does not give the GOI and MOD a whack once in a while.

    I think it would be a good idea to have highly qualified Armed Forces personnel as head of the various departments at MOD to bring some discipline, hard work and a sense of belonging to the nation.

    At least by appointing personnel from the Armed Forces to head departments in the MOD, they being the final users and stakeholders, would see to it they get what is needed and promised in a timely manner.

    Would the corrupt politicians and babus who are on the take agree to such an arrangement? St. Anthony might if he still wants to uphold his clean image.

    I doubt the above could happen in India though it is viable and feasible. There was such a big hue and cry when the IAF wanted one of its officers to head HAL. That idea was shot down by people with vested interests.

    The same would happen if officers from the Armed Forces are appointed at MOD to look after their interests. That would surely curtail the income and even break the rice bowl of some babus.

    No babus in their right but corrupted mind would want such a thing to happen.

    What about our St Anthony? Would he want to clean his house of vermin and see to the efficient running of his ministry?

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    HAL has never had much luck negotiating prices. This is proof of Swiss criminal behavior. They are dropping the price to distract the investigation. Ban Pilatus.


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