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    Doesnt look like any of these delays were created by HAL

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    When people who do… treason… go scot free… like in the leaked letter of Army Chief… from PMO… and no one is take or get fixed… on responsibility… and here too… responsibility… is not in HAL dictionary… for that matter… any thing that GoI does… then what can u wish… wish only that… people responsible like… Chairpersons of political groupings… get vanished from the face of universe…

  3. 3


    What HAL really needs instead of the government denying the problems is all of the management and most of the workers fired for incompitance.

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    And what has been the result of all these delays? Has ANYONE been held accountable anywhere? I dont expect the people at HAL have seen even a strongly worded memo come to their desks….

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    All PSUs of MoD need total reorganisation. The philosophy of keeping customers officials in the board has no positive impact among these PSUs. There is rampant corruption. These PSUs are symbol of in-efficiency. Why the issues of wrong doings and corruption of BEML did not surface earlier. The top officers of Defense forces are not behaving to match the regards the nation bestows on them.
    Twenty percent shares of these PSUs must be sold in the market.
    The plans and production details of these PSUs are known to whole world except the citizens of India. It appears that these PSUs have no interest in earning foreign exchange.
    I request a national debate on the roles of PSUs of MoD and OFBs.


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