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    It seems these aircraft would fill the gap caused due to delay of HTT-40 from HAL. Still waiting for HAL's aircraft to come forth into existence.

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    Saudis bought 55 PC-21s a few days ago along with 22 Hawks for 1.9 billion pounds.

    I wont be surprised if the Saudi Pilatus purchase FAR exceeds the value of the Indian contract.


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    It's shameful that on one hand we blabber about unmanned aerial vehicles, yet on the other we cannot even manufacture a basic jet trainer in our country.Is this to do with our technical capabilities, or the unsatisfying appetite to earn commissions in defence deals ?

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    Ajeynk Kumar

    @Anon 4:58 There seems to be an active lobby for procurement pushing with the sole intention of earning commission however there is also the fact that we always want high tech and tested goods without delay as recently, as in last 5 years, our defense establishment has awaken from slumber and all these massive procurements and tests are going on. We cant have best of all worlds but eventually we must take a bold step and start showing confidence on our Indian tech even if it is slightly behind. The defense deals to Tata/Ashok seem to be a small but definitely positive trend.

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    I have a query, what is India trying to protect when its does not have the ability to develop and implement its fighter aircraft.

    Like the saying goes:
    once a rich man asked the priest for his services to get ride of bad omen. In return the priest was offered gold ;
    Next a middle class person went to priest for the same cause and gave him bags of rice;
    lastly the poor man went to priest for the same cause. The priest advised him what can you offer in return; the poor man said, i have nothing to offer. The priest advised, when you have nothing, why fear bad omen.

    The analogy to the above, when india lacks the knowledge to develop its own weapon system; why should it import them to protect the brainless population.

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    An Indian

    It's not a surprise as Election 2014 is approaching..parties need fund.
    So we have been seeing billions of $ floating and being used to buy foreign Arms…in a country whoo's most of the citizen do not get food two times a day or don't have basic Health Care Facilities live in poor villages,do not have electricity,schools or even roads or sewerage infrastructure.

    In the same country a top defense scientist and a very good defense manager like V K Saraswat (who has relentlessly working to make India a self reliant country for defense productions) is being targeted by some people and media(on behalf of whom ???) just because he said the truth and wished that India's AGNI ICBM program should not be capped since treat perception of a country does not stay static and it evolves/varies during time-to-time, due to changes in global politics as well as evolving policies of the same country.


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    Debasis Dhar

    Another deal which smells swiss kickback when India with little effort can produce such aircraft.

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    An Indian

    Debasis Dhar…precisely..that's why Korean Co protested so hard on this deal…never heard if they protested so hard before.
    Pity that we will come to know this …if there were any kickback paid and to whom…if and only if, in 2014 election, power shifts to opposite party.


  9. 9


    Why exactly are we giving the Swiss $500 million contract when they are THAT concerned that India will used tiny little turbo props planes in conflict? Imagine their reaction if India was to buy actual lethal weapons from Switzerland. Doesnt seem to me the Swiss are much of an ally, why are we giving them such a large cotract. What happened to the Russians, French or Israelis?

  10. 10


    Anon @12.24

    " why should it import them to protect the brainless population…."

    Beacuse our neighbours next door make us Indians look like stinking rich Einsteins.

  11. 11


    as early as early next year.. (!??)

    Shiv, you can do better than that.

  12. 12


    Joy, I am not concerned by acts of neighbour.

    My view, "why purchase weapons to protect brainless Indians" is based on the Armed forces, weapons dlal and politicians preference for foreign weapons. This conclude that the Indian scientists, engineers, technicians are not fit to produce weapons for Indian Armed forces. This is a sarcastic comment and not otherwise

    The Armed forces, dalal and politicians contradicts the ground reality; my relatives, friends and myself have been working on high end technology after pursuing doctorate- s/research related to statistics, computer science, Artificial Intelligence, cancer, etc- from foreign universities.

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    Mr. Ra

    This purchasing is necessary for training of the pilots and saving their precious lives. Obviously sufficient efforts were not made for similar indigenous developments.


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