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    – Will it be a fair investigation. By suspending, are they denying access for him to fight his case.
    – Why is ex-Army chief vindicated even before there is a verdict on the issue. Isn't media jumping to conclusions without a clear picture? Did they start investigation?

    There are genuinely intelligent and efficient people who might be victims to smear campaign. We should atleast wait for the investigations to complete and trial to start to even form an opinion about the case.
    I am not supporting either of them but playing a devil's advocate.

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    The Govt has been surprisingly quick in this matter. Why are they dragging their feet in the T90/Arjun, Adarsh, Coffins, Bofors etc. scams?? What are
    they hiding?

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    is he a Tamilian???

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    This is becoming like a Soap Opera. Had enough of the drama already. Get it over with!

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    Dilip Viswanath

    Looks like a crook. Talks like a crook. He is a crook!! Why just him? How about the Army officials, Bureaucrats and BEML officials who have been getting their share of the loot from the Tatra deals?

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    the terminator

    Anon 7:43PM
    I don't care what ethnic origin he is and whether he is black, white or in between. It is standard position to suspend someone accused of a crime not as a punishment but to dissuade him from interfering in the investigation.

    The facts revealed so far show that he has used his high position to circumvent straight forward procedures that has been laid out in the procurement and subsequent local production of the TATRA trucks.

    Instead of increasing locally produced parts, this man has been alleged in doing some cosmetic changes to completely built up units of TATRA trucks. He is also guilty of selling the same at exorbitant prices which in turn helped his foreign friends and not the country.

    What he did amounts to treason. If he is proven to have amassed a fortune at the expense of the taxpayers, the courts should pass a deterrent sentence as a lesson to would-be white collar criminals.


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