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    Thanks for sharing the experince

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    While this may be off topic but I wanted to comment anyways.
    Media reports out this week reports that the IAC-1 won't see the light of day before 2017-2018 , three years beyond the already delayed timeline announced earlier. So much for indigenization !
    Shiv, need you to do a piece on this and what the Navy's alternate options might be now.

    -Subho S.

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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    Mr. Ra 13

    The rapid action involved therein is praiseworthy.

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    Why do we still use Surya Kirans? Th Blue Angles team in the US uses F/8-18E superhornets. Cant we use Mirages or Mig 29s at least?

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    intraday tips

    This was truly inspiring…thanks for sharing!

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    Well done n glad a bit of political hooha by the malaysians didn't stop you'll getting that "machine gunned" Kiran II back in the air in awesome good time! I was there at LIMA 2007 n watching SKAT in action was awesome n India's flag was surely flown high n noted well during that tour. It was so good to hear Vandere Mataram on the public sound systems whilst SKAT was performing overhead! Even the RAF Red Arrows were matched by SKAT 9 flying the venerable Kiran II with side by side seating! Looking forward to SKAT being reactivated on the BAE Hawk platform! Hope IAF comes next year to LIMA !

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    Fly fighters

    It's great to hear this. I happened to b there as well. I remember the parachute mishap…..nd heard about damages to machines parked there….great work by our technicians…..m sure we need more of such wonders…..thank u for sharing……

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    I'm retired technician from air force. We always work untiringly and selflessly. Sadly promotions not there for deserving ones and no recognitions for all. But it was good to read praise of our tradesmen in t his forum as copied from flight safety magazine from air force website. Lot of work goes unnoticed but flag soars high always as is taught to us always.

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    Capt Sanjay Pal

    Bravo….Proud of you guys!!!!


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