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    Poof …. India needs more powerplants, good decent roads, clean water and schools, not these white elephants !

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    before closing of the production line in 2014 we should order 10 more such aircrafts to keep our dominance in air lift. Hope supply of spares wont be difficult even if the production is stopped.

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    Hi Shiv

    IAF does have a optional clause for 6 more C17 aircrafts.

    And regarding that Congressmen remarks against radical Islam..I dont thin uploading the video is a good idea.As it will create controversy..The congressman seems inclined towards India.If we Hype this much,then ot will upset many and might create problems…

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    joydeep ghosh

    @Shiv Aroor

    a few questions

    1. How does Boeing churn out planes so fast, is it b'coz they use totally mechanized production or b'coz they employ '000 (much more than HAL)?

    2. Does Boeing use laser welding tech to churn out aircrafts at faster rate? If yes cant the HAL do the same?

    3. You say C17 production line is to shut by 2014 end, so what happens to spare parts needed or servicing after that?

    4. What type of plane after C17?

    5. Some reports say India will operate the largest no. of C17 outside USA, that means close or over 20, what to do you think?

    Hope to get answes


    Joydeep Ghosh

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    Rohrabacher represents me and he is amongst the most primitive individuals I've had the misfortune to listen to…

  6. 6


    C-17 based at Hindon?
    More likely Chandigarh, I'd reckon.

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    It's amazing how fast these guys deliver on production schedule. It seems like they signed the contract yesterday, and today we are seeing this huge bird taking shape.

    I agree with anon 9.45 AM, it's better not to upload that vid as it may unnecessarily create controversy at a time we are trying to mend our fences with our neighbors.

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    Swarup here…It's a good choice of IAF. I appreciate the step.But I want to know the instruments or systems which DRDO or BEL are providing in Boeing P8I and C-17 due to CISMOA are as much capable as US instruments or not.

  9. 9


    Rohrbacher is a seasoned politician who has been briefed well by advisers to say what Indians would like to hear. As long as the US can use the equal equal India threat against Pakistan while getting more orders from India, it is easy to say soothing words that Indian journos will splash all over the media in India.

    I would have been happier to hear that the US would stop supplying F-16s, Orions and AMRAAMs to Pakistan rather than empty crowd pleasing rhetoric.

    -the other shiv

  10. 10


    Correct Shiv refrain for uploading congressman video. Also, you are not aware of US laws. Probably it is prohibited to take video without permission and more so to upload without permission.

    Don't do anything stupid to spoil your party man!! and say hi to Shukla, he has been sulking a lot now days.

  11. 11


    kaisi haalat ho gayi hai ek bhashan ko sun ke. ye mat karo, ye mat suno, ye mat likho, kyonki radical islam ke baare me hai, bura lagega! Sab kuchh islam ko lekar kitne chintit hain, chahe roj bawal kyon n ho bharat me. Had hai.

  12. 12


    Why is everyone missing the obvious here ? The U.S will say and do anything to sell you stuff. India should not make the strategic mistake of trusting the Americans – ever. They will befriend you when they need you and screw you over when you need them.
    Transport aircrafts are perhaps okay but buying P-8Is & Apaches are probably a decision India will rue for a long time to come.

    The only people India can trust when it comes to tech transfer are the Russians & the French.

    As for the journos whose trips have been sponsored by Boeing, show
    some journalistic ethics and speak objectively about what the risks and benefits of buying American war machines.

  13. 13


    lol…the plant that makes C-17s has laid off huge amounts of its workforce multiple times…and the Indians marvel at its efficiency and clamor for privatization of their defense industry! A good, well-placed family friend recently told me that the Indian C-17 order saved a large number of jobs and saved the facility from being closed! The Indians should stop coveting nonsense and pave a novel path for themselves before its too late.

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    Hi Shiv, i like the fact that this is a blog site not completely made by or for military tech professionals, but a fansite for military enthusiasts.Such a blog was highly necessary to bring awareness in our indians today. A Lot of news & events regarding recent defence co-operations between the US & India are pertaining to a long term vision by both countries where india has worked its way up to where it is being served to. Decisions taken by the governments sometimes would be strategically placed and yet a awareness amongst the masses would also somewhere make for the pressure amongst the media which in turn reflects in the decision making processes in the MoD.
    A topic wether we should be politically correct since we are mending fences with a hostile neighbour is an attitude i feel this blog should sinceerely stay away from, as there will always be some such cowardly folks coming here to preach peace n prosperity, which this site does not cater to.
    Also, of late the Media giants have regularly shown a negative attitude towards countries such as Israel & the US, which is becoming more evident from the ruling partys stance of pleasing the Petro funding communities from the Middle east, which i feel is something more anti national now, than other prolific discussions.
    Some points to ponder as to why the number of Apaches should only be 20 or so is a big question that i guess people should be discussing n creating a buzz over in such forums, as Mil-Tehch advances have been prominent in news of neihgbouring countries. And much rather import 80 fast attack vessels from a country such as sri Lanka should have made waves, i find amazingly missing amongst the patriots in these forums.

    The US would be a highly better bet for a country like India in global strategic considerations, where the once frinedly allies like russia cannot be considered as serious long term partners.

    Had it not been for a cash strapped economy of Pakistan, the russians would have sold them the latest devilish dishes to annoy india further, and taking a nuetral stance against an adamant expansionist communist china.
    The fact showing that the US and Israel would definitely be better partners, than even the unproven peddlers from europe.

  15. 15


    Dana Rohrabacher is one of those phoney American politician who doesnt take too long to change his spots when situation demands. Now the winds are blowing in India's favour and Pakistan has fallen off thier special bbf list…. this once rabid vitriolic anti-Indian (and pro Paki) has now become pro-India. This guy is a typical American, all sleaze, zero substance. It doesnt even matter what he says. We Indians can see deep… deep… deep inside his soul and there is nothing in there. Its barren….empty. A scumbag of a human being.

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    When India creates jobs in the US via billions of dollars worth of defense contract, civil aviation or nuclear energy deal, the US media or their government pays no attention. Did any politician or news media ever thank India for saving the Boeing assembly line and saving those jobs? I dont think so!

    India does however gets all the bad press for jobs "offshored" during every election year from politicians and media from both side of the isles. Every election year they begin their ritualistic India bashing season over "outsourcing". More jobs have been outsourced to China, Phillipines and Indonesia but thats ok, India is still the bad guy.

    So somebody tell this Rohrabacher guy to stop mollycoddling us. We need C-17s and you need the money. So lets just keep it purely proffessional. And keep all that "ally" crap to yourself. You already got Pakistan. You dont need more allies.

  17. 17


    @5:00 That is one sided dont you think? We are supposed to take your word that Russia 'would have' helped Pakistan if Pakistan had cash but ignore that USA has been providing Missiles, Fighters Jets and Money (in billions $$$) to Pakistan on what seems like a monthly basis.
    USA will have to choose. It can be fully be with India or with Pakistan. Middle ground will make it further lose its position in Asia.

  18. 18


    china have problem for both india and usa in 1962 usa help india to face china so india should discuss every matter related china and do more exercise amphibious joint exer in china sea buy more c-130 this weapon is most use ful in northeast and stryker ifv.

  19. 19


    @everyone worried about spares

    Boeing has implemented the "C-17 Joint Sustainment Partnership" programme. An international performance-based logistics programme designed to look after all C-17s in the world for their lifetime. Availability of spares will be smooth and no problems at all, please Google about the programme for further info

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    Mr. RA

    Mr. Rohrbacher must be an intelligent person. Earlier he has also raised the issue of Baluchistan.


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