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    In todays world naval strength mainly depends on aircraft carriers & submarines. Frigates, destroyers,corvettes can serve the purpose for combating piracy, for vigilance, reconnaissance, deep sea rescue. But in case of war AC & subs has no substitute. Some may argue that Navy has done enough and soon will attain blue water navy status. Recent news suggest that IAC-1 will be ready by 2017, with sea trials, weapon testing it may have battle ready status by 2020. About subs nothing more to say. till now the rafale deal is not passed, so project 75i not in the scene . scorpene has become joke (also without AIP). We Indians beleive a single ins chakra will be defending arabian sea, bay of bengal & IOR simulatenously, same for vikramditya. time for building and getting operational clearance for arihant class subs takes 10-12 years. China is swallowing inch by inch of territory in Himalyan region and IOR. No hope for India. Lets modify these frigates as fishing trawlers and convert the virat to luxury cruise. Atleast there will be some income for Govt.

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    @11.55 am- Dude!! you're WAY!! to ' High' What Are you smoking?? ;D

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    @Anon 11:55 obvious troll.

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    @Anon 11.55

    The reality is Indians are nibbling on your Porky ass inch by inch. Indian doesnt even need IACs Rafales or Arihant. Porkis have long been neutered.

    Anybody wants a pulled Porky sandwich?


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