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    Mr. Ra

    A good video.

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    Towards the end, it seemed that the missile missed its target. Was the rectangle indicating where the missile should have splashed into the sea? In any case, would you be able to comment on how close was the missile from the target? What is the usual CEP of the missile?

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    ^ Anon @ 3.53
    Bhai mere, that just the camera with a rectangle marking in the center, its not supposed to mark the point of impact. If you consider that they were holding the camera steady towards the calculated point of impact, it looks like a CEP of 10s of meters, which is freaking awesome

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    @Anon 3:53 Ohhhh so you say it missed target just by looking at video of launch? I think his majesty the great King Arthur will be amazed by your psychic prowess! Can you use these arcane powers to tell me where I kept my keys? I have been looking for them for quite a while now…


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