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    What is the number of Aircrafts in a squadron of IAF.

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    I am shkd abt iaf decision of 144 single seat fgfa's. V are facin 2 front war so it shld b mnm 250 double seaters.hope iaf and govt increase the no.s

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    Mig looks sexy, really, the colour scheme just fits her.

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    After 80 years, these IAF dudes could not make even one Jet themselves? Amazing failure of top leadership.

    Isn't IAF one of the top 5 largest air forces in the world? It's the top 'outsourced' air force for sure.

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    @nikdash: what to do? unlike our friendly neighbour to the west, which gets alms from either america or china or middle east, in order to keep up with the ever increasing threats from western and eastern side, india is boosting its imports. whether outsourced or not, it is definitely capable of giving its western neignour a sound thrashing which is what matters- one such thrashing resulted in its division in 1971. Never forget that. Whenever you need inspiration for the Indian Air Force, for a start you can search on youtube how an entire division of Pakistani tanks was wiped out at Longewala in 1971..and more recently at Kargil how Mirage 2000s rained LGBs on Paki infantry .. outsourced or not, as long as IAF keeps whipping its evil neighbours..i dont mind that..and i am sure you also dont mind it.. cheers 2 india..! 🙂

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    @ Rathore: Pakis have hit the self-detonate button. We just need enough concrete walls to prevent anything from blowing over to our side.

    My two cents: If we are strong enough to take on China then Pakistan will be a walk through the park!

    Pakistan is nothing but a propped up Chinese agent like North Korea.

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    punit unisense

    My salute to the nations real heroes!!



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