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    PC has put an end to ambiguity by cutting the defence spending by 10k crore. The message for all the chiefs is not to delay the projects and take their sweet time otherwise politicians will axe it.

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    It seems they are finding it difficult to place order on their favoured supplier. The other possibility is that there has been a procedural lapse. In both cases the tender will have to be refloated. The Imported Air Force probably prefers Paris trips to Moscow trips.

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    Great news. Can anyone think why we need these beauties when Drones and Dhruv/Rudra can do the job???

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    Are you going to drive an SUV if you are suppose to drive a vehicle for a specific purpose? think about operation cost maintenance and equipment life. Every equipment has a lifetime, you can not exhaust it for the role a smaller equipment can do.

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    We need LUH because we had LUH is nonsense. We should prepare for tomorrow's wars, not yesterdays.

    Man-portable anti air missiles will make mincemeat of these 'beauties' if they even venture close to hostile territories. Why send our personnel on suicide missions. Remember 'Kargil' where helicopter vulnerability was clearly exposed. These missions are reserved for UAV data linked to high altitude guided bomb carriers like MKI or Rustom or stand off missile units like Pinaka.

    Support and mule missions had to be done with LUH because our current inventory cannot go to Siachen heights. But with Dhruv we can carry more supplies higher than before:)

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