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    All those who think that the country will suffer if more firms are blacklisted are plain wrong. Treating corrupt entities with kid gloves does much more damage to the country. National security is a lot more than some people in uniform and some equipment.

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    stale blog with meaningless articles. Cmon shiv……dont get commercial and sensational.

    This AW fallout is being milked to the core by everyone…and the same views are rehashed here.

    No good.

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    Pierre Zorin

    This whole article is sensationalism with little factual truth behind it.The Italian authorities have not formally charged or completed their investigation therefore India can not rescind the contract OR return any items. Doing so India will violate the contract and pay a heavy financial price.It is also not clear any kickback was received by any Indians and until solid evidence is supplied no point jumping up and down on assumptions. I don't think it is good journalism to preempt proper judicial conclusions and more importantly say things that can't simply happen…even the GOI has decided NOT to blacklist firms at the nation's interest but pursue financial damages claims which would be more beneficial and appropriate.

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    ARE WE RAISING THE BAR TO HIGH the standard of INDIAN morality very high to the point which is not possible attain.On the other hand it is a natural law that every thing gets deappriciates with passage of time even time accepted morals.Every one ignored Shri Anna Hazare's movement to the extent it fizzled out what Gen VK Singh did went down as unsung soldier to put in a few words we are TOTALLY CORRUPT or we have raised our moral standards too high without having the wherewithal for it.
    The way out is to revive Anna's movement into a revolution to cleanse our selves from within
    A percentage of commission should be made legal and we should set achievable practical moral targets and standards.
    As regards to military procurement we must involve the private business houses where such actions are termed as business tactics.
    Look at TATA's they have come out with 155 mm howitzer from the blue in no time what ever it is its mine its Indian.
    Media can play a major role in it see how Anna's cause became a movement initially, how Delhi rape rose from an incident to a movement and the present scam from a few sentences abroad to a national crisis of identity only hope Marshall Tyagji is not sacrificed on the altar but if true do so by all means.

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    black listing… threatens our… only and the main source… of earnings… millions of dollors… kindly help… write in favour of… foregn deals… write against black listings… please… please… please… we will share… our share… with you… please… please… please… and fast… sp has ready funds… to share… do it…

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    1.India should not scrap any deal which has been done after long field trial and evaluation done.

    Logically and most practically this is the best solution India should have implemented long back…to help it's armed forces from lagging behind on every defense modernization projects.

    2.Armed Forces need to do a quick Technical Audit of the already delivered products such is in this AW case,AW-101s to check if actual performance parameters matches IAF qualitative requirements and to ensure that there has no compromise on quality happened.

    3.Need to investigate if the bribe had any impact of compromise on Quality or Selection process ? If needed do re-check/trial to ascertain the actual performance parameters of the said product with ASQR/GSQR/NSQR requirements .

    4.Need to fine/penalize heavily Finmecania for bribing if proven ,companies should be forced to repay huge penalty to Indian govt as penalty against breaking integrity clause.

    5.Need to trace out, who got the bribe and where those money actually gone/distributed /channelized..identify those individuals and put a Deshdroh case on them…if any political party got these bribes..disqualify them from contesting any future Elections.

    In India it's fairly easy to dis launch any defense deal by the competitor/loosing company with the help of commercial espionage division of secret/intelligence agency of the their own/respective country to stage an artificial plot as if there has been a bribe/kick back given by successful company.

    In this AW-101 case as it is clear…that there was no parameter was changed /any undue favor done… after the RFP was sent and hence any qualitative compromise is out of question. Except suddenly two people emerge and disclose by their own that they have taken and distributed bribe to Indian channels on behalf of AW .

    Indian intelligence should investigate…

    1.Nobody is checking the background of these two people who disclosed voluntarily ..if they are front/shadow human assets of other competitors/intelligence agency and working to cancel the deal.So that deal can be turned to them(looser company).

    2.No one is asking ..if there has not been any manipulations done/favors given…why any co (AW) will distribute/offer 100's of millions of $ to some body.

    3.Even if we assume as per the disclosure of these two people received money from AW and distributed in Indian people.. we need to find out ..if the sum paid to them by AW…is related with some other agreement between them?

    4.As per the case of AW-101 is was clear winner against it's rival Sikorsky (which cold not meet 4 technical requirements in field trials )..their is no question of any quality compromise or due procedure not followed. Also need to note that many air-forces/govts use Aw-101 for their VVIP transport heli role..even US was about to select AW-101 for Presidential Heli role.

    This just a defame AW ..and then get AW blacklisted in India and then get this STRATEGIC deal (to be able to intercept communications of our VVIPs during flight – a strategic need Post Pokhran-98 surprise).

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    Another day, another sponsored article bank rolled by foreign defence firms ! How much further can we fall really , no really ?

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    Sponsored Article, Shiv atleast we expect you not involved in this.
    If we corruption is found then we need to black list. Long term it will prove to be good. Antony is doing the correct thing

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    Why the bribe is paid? commission? lobbying? It is paid because the deal is swung by these guys through the Army/Airforce/Navy brass as the Defence Minister is lily white.The whole english media talks about defence preparedness going down due to cancellation of this Agusta deal. No way sir. This helicopter for VVIP security is not required at all. this crap aboout defence preparedenss going down is just crap.

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    no other go.. it should be blacklisted…


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