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    I don't understand our Government. First they took 6-7 years to select a bidder. Now they are taking 2 years to finalise a deal. What negotiations are going on which is taking 2 years.If these MOD offices are there in negotiation then all we know that what they are negotiating. Only bribe money, their commission, Government commission. Nothing else. Why they are playing with Inidan Security. This is the reason India cannot give reply to China and pakistan aggression. these are sons of bitches.

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    Please scrap this craziness. We have Su 30 MKI and Tejas. That is enough to defend the country and not go bankrupt with so many platforms. Even USAF has only two platforms F-16 and F-15.

    Recent Chinese stealth plane developments have made these 4 plus generation planes obsolete. Humble opinion.

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    Even they they not clear that the manufacture or assemble the aircraft like copy or paste and even if take a year batter buy more su30mki and chase for 5th generation because I an sure before 2020 china start Induction of 5th gene. & pakistan too so why we approach for 4th gene . Even it take a year after deal to mannage the assembly line or the want to rech the Extent with France where at the name of bid gainig maximum bribe

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    Middle Eastern country of Iran has tested Qaher-313 ( F-313) a stealth fighter jet fully built indeginously while India daydreams on things that they cannot implement without any delays. It seems India lacks positive thinkings and positive actions from bottom up to the top levels.

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    and Russia has many more platforms than just 2 fighters, yet is not bankrupt. same with China. India prepares to fight very different types of wars than the USAF, why should USAF be it's model?

    all Su-30 and Tejas (with AMCA in future, and legacy platforms in-between continuing their service life) could work… but Rafale is rather efficient at it's job, Su-30 is not meaningfully better at A2G strike except for niche roles like Brahmos carrier. And the point comes down to ToT, producing more Su-30 doesn't net any more ToT. Rafale appears to offers some meaningful ToT that will be relevant to apply to AMCA as well as future upgrades to Tejas. Dassault also seems very keen on working with private sector producers in India, so this ToT will be developing totally new sectors.

    and BTW, if 'recent Chinese stealth plane developments' make 4.5+ Gen planes obsolete, why is China still producing such planes including J-10, J-11, and their Su-33 clone, not to mention JF-17 in Pakistan? Fact is, nobody has any idea when these Chinese 'stealth planes' will actually even begin to go into service. A competent modern platform like Rafale shores up IAF capability and is a strong base upon which to induct future PAKFA and AMCA.

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    The Rafale should be the last fighter that we buy from abroad. Period

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    Please shed more light considering our inventory
    5 years out: MKI, TEJAS, M2000, Jaguar, Rafale
    10 years out: MKI, TEJAS, M2000, Jaguar, Rafale, PAKFA
    15 years out: MKI, Tejas, M2000, Jaguar, Rafale, PAKFA and AMCA.

    TOT is never ever going to work … No one is willing to share their core technologies to give birth to substitutes or competition. That is called stupidity which the french are definitely not.

    We have built enough technological base via Tejas to build twin engine fighters. Anything else will throwing away money, which I may point is scarce with budget cuts.

    We canot emulate China with 3.25 trillion dollar reserves … They do not spend money importing or have T-O-T expense. They just steal or copy which gives them enough financial bandwidth to pursue multiple programs.

    We can develop 10 different airplanes with 10~15 billion dollar outlay for Rafale.


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