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    it seems the dimensions of this missile is much larger as previously indicated. Even its competitor tomahawk is somewhat shorter & slim.

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    It's easy to launch a liquid fulled Missile in Ballistic mode than Cruise mode and reach the target with required accuracy…as fuel stays at bottom end(thrusting end)during the almost vertical path…but in the Cruise mode immediately after the vertical lift and booster separation, cruise missile tilts around 90' to take a Horizontal path (aka Brahmos)…now CG shifts and if missile takes slightest role …it amounts to greater degree of distraction from the designated path…also as fuel burns out during the horizontal flight..the CG continuously shits towards to front..and hence need to continuously recalculate and re-adjust the balance and CG accordingly,to maintain a proper horizontal flight.

    Failures could also be in guidance control with Cruciform tail canards or even wrong commands from RLG (Gyro+inertial navigation) could also be the reasons.

    Let's quickly DRDO can identify and correct the same.

    I feel BrahMos team can help and validate the Nirbhay calculations (Note both are liquid fulled ) b-coz ,at supersonic(rather trio-sonic) speeds Brahmos not only reaches it's destination with reasonable accuracy but also does complex maneuvers during the horizontal flight…which is more difficult to do than a subsonic one (They hav really mastered this technology)…Feel like we can develop canons but can't develop a pistol here..

    also espionage angle need to look at… if team have some one,who is working for other country.

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    Jyo Had3s

    Looks a lot like the 3M-54E1 Klub. Anyway, this failure hopefully is a stepping stone to success. It's a great system

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    soorya narayan

    good pics shiv 🙂 .. reminds me of the shaurya missile launch

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    Awsome DRDO….fix the glitch and relaunch in double time

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    @ Indian Nirbhaya is not a liquid fuel missile in any case it is a beautiful looking missile having a long range and sizable warhead and is not a copy of any missile


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