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    Best idea to stop corruption, buy only indigenous products. I think they will find a way even then, the idea might be to use second grade junk materials to build arms and polish it as first grade. Some years before, i heard that, if we buy 1000 tanks, then out of that 600 will be in the quality as mentioned, 200 will be 2nd or 3rd grade and the remaining 200 they will not buy itself. I don't know how much true that is. Corruption everywhere in India. Very sad to see it at this stage.

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    Any Ching, Chong and Khan can hold up our defence procurement – qya bakhvas.


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    Mr. RA

    Delays and hanging decisions are the keywords.

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    The article states that a complaint is from "A letter from a member of parliament"..well how many Indians take any member or parliament as face value!!!!…The IAS has made India and Indians a laughing stock by their idiotcity. This whole game of canceling deals just shows that the administration does not know whats happening and cannot do its job and is running around like a headless chicken in any direction

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    What the hell happened to Varunastra and light weight torpedo????? This is painful….do half-hearted research and then junk it for phoren stuff

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    I completely agree with Cujo.

    Its an height to see such thing happening!


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