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    No one is looking for war, but dragging one's feet in this invasion essentially encourages further aggression. Troops can made a mistake if it is a few or few hundred meters. 19km is a calculated move by Beijing. What will change from a visit by India foreign minister when this micro invasion is approved by China politburo no doubt. China is gaining strength in Asia and it is bullying its neighbors from North to South. A weak response from New Delhi does not help any one in the region. I would capture the Chinese soldiers and expulse them home. What will China do? going to war sure is not going to help China economy. India needs to send the required message to Beijing: do not mess with me.

  2. 2


    Those guys seem to be in normal clothing and you seem to have exterme winter clothing. You should eat more and be fit

  3. 3


    Hi Shiv,
    Can't Indian Army's one platoon interdict 10 Km within chinese territory and camp there.
    Or cant's one of our artillery shell land on the head of paltoon and decimate them.
    After any such action, we can talk later.. diplomatically in FM / DM visit. For God's sake Let's do some action.

  4. 4


    they came… saw… drowned… conquered… went back…

  5. 5


    India is engulfed by corrupt politicians, religious hatred of minority communities and caste system.
    To make matters worse the military scandals have left Indian army looks like a dummy force … we just donot have the firepower to beat our enemies..
    While our political leader are fighting among themselves for power and media attention China has quitely made its move and invaded India at Daulat Beg Oldie, the next step of China would be strike at the heart of Kashmir …. this is meek surrender of India …
    Pakistan too is unafraid of Indian forces and beheads them with impunity… while our political leaders cry crocodile tears and plead for mercy from Pakistan…

    India does not have the balls to fight enemies at present so very soon India will cease to exist … with it our freedom , our families, our constitution ,our laws and land … what would happen then if they rape our women after India surrenders to China and Pakistan ?

  6. 6


    Per reports DBO ALG is just 2-3 km from the border, and this Despang La plains are just south of it.

    It does not make sence to me how they can be 19km from border.

    Can you please clarify.

    -David Benjamin

  7. 7


    Cut off their supply lines. Obstruct their trucks. Buzz the camp with sorties. Duh!!

  8. 8


    This is nothing more than a diversion china want to create as in Tibet there are lot of suicides against Chinese rule and also even inside china there are lot of people fighting against government. Government is trying to turn peoples attention and a way to unite them.
    But if India doesn't have corruption all our troops are equipped well, Chinese wouldn't have dared to enter, they know we are not well equipped and this is the cost of it. This is the best time to hang all the corrupted arms dealers. Really a national shame.

  9. 9


    Those guys seem to be in normal clothing and you seem to have exterme winter clothing. You should eat more and be fit

    Why expose yourself to be an armchair commentator….
    You know what is hypothermia ??

  10. 10


    Attack and killing the Chinese brutally, and leaving the bodies as an example for the rest of the Chinese to see. Any plans to intimidate us should be met with utmost brutality, that even devils will fear to face. Jai Hind

  11. 11


    @Anonymous, way to go !

    Its not that simple as it looks. They are not in Indian border but place that is claimed by both. China is no fool to cross International border.

    If we gona go War with China it should be "all or nothing" not like 61

  12. 12


    Dear Manmohan,

    What if premier Li Keqiang 'perceives' your wife and kids to be his? Likely you will put them on special jet-plane to send off to Beijing at the soonest.(Longing for premier to formally ask, right?)

    Try hard to resist but emotions kick-in. Sale harami PM, ye DBO tere baap-dada ki jagir nahi hai. Ye Bharat ki bhumi hamari "Maa" hai. Koi hamari Maa par paav rakhne ki gustakhi kare aur hum tamasha dekhe? History will remember you as the only coward Sikh born since Guru Nanak established Sikhism. Did you ever listen stories of Khalsa and "Panch Pyare" in your childhood? We are a nation where countless Sikhs laid their lives to uphold pride and dignity of Hindu women and with one ManMohan, entire history of Sikhs will be blotted.

    ???? ????????? ????????? ?????? ???? ?????? ?
    ??????????? ? ????????? ???????????????? ??????? ??

    Mother India, it is indeed a miracle that you mothered 1.2 billion fools who would write-off anything including you and their mothers/wives if need be.

    Clearly I see my grand kids living under colonized India after 50-100 years, the only difference wud be that this time colonization wud be from East.

  13. 13


    China only understand the language of power. If India doesn't set a precedent by acting against these brazen aggression, then China will aggressively bully other countries, especially Korea,Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. If India doesn't act now, it's status as South Asian power will be compromised and in some way embolden Pakistan to make more adventurous moves against India. This is the time the government and the oppositions set aside their differences and work towards providing a united front against China. The time to act is now, otherwise it will further weaken India's stance on the issue of Arunachal Pradesh, and in some ways Tibet [a bargaining card for India]

  14. 14


    You comeback after long time for what? To post one old picture from archive? Lol

  15. 15


    come on , there no new posts recently

    enough with the India-China Border dispute

    Please Post some nice pictures of HAL tejas LSP -8
    how is it different from other,changes done etc

    also No news about IAF's participation in RED FLAG – 2013

    please post new topics…..

  16. 16


    Why does army need to send UAV for videography on our own land ? If Chinese tents are in our own area then directly go there and check what they are doing…

  17. 17


    I guess we are always sitting ducks no rafale no scorpene no howitzers always lack of tank ammunition …..the list is unending with also no luh … Till what time we have to face embarassment…we need to learn from this

  18. 18


    you vanished again………….

    at this rate, livefist will slowly but surely fade away……..

  19. 19


    No rafale no LUH no scorpene no mountain roads to our check post do this another 10 years and we will be the slaves of chinese

  20. 20


    India has always been divided over religion and caste. Be it the British India times or the Indian politicians … all play the game of divide the country on religion , caste ,language , reservation system and the list is endless…..

    If we have infighting then our enemies would naturally take advantage of our weakness and slackness.

    If our enemies invade our country we do not have the will to fight them as our country makes only soft people who cannot defend the country ….just compare ourselves top Pakistan or China … In Pakistan even small children are trained to use arms , in China the military regime has enough trained manpower to run down the opposition without much effort.

    India must learn from countires like Israel … where military service at least for two is compulsory ….. every man and woman is trained to fight and can be drafted at a short notice by the army to defend the nation…. Indian constitution needs major changes and the Military needs atleast 60% in decision making the rest 40% could be divided between the Lok sabha and Rajya sabha…
    India needs a strong military and government to protect the nation becos in the end every person is Indian regardless of caste , color , religion , language , state , etc.

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