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    Reason for the crash? Whether MIG29is manufactured in India or its bought in fly away condition for Russia. If it is manufactured in India, then I don't trust the quality of the materials gone into it. Same question for SU30MKI too.

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    Russian crap planes.

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    nirranj prabhu

    I don't know whether this is the right post to ask this question… Since this post is regarding the mig29, I want to ask you regarding The gorshkov and it's sisters..

    I was reading on the Kiev class aircraft carrying cruisers in wiki and found that two of Its sister ships, the Kiev and Minsk were sold to China (long before India signed for the vikramaditya) and they are being used as floating hotels or some resorts (China said the same on varyag/liaoning purchase)

    Does this means China can/is transforming these into fully functional aircraft carriers?? Well even if they convert them into carriers in another 3-5 years (given their experience in renovating the varying and their industrial prowess), they still will achieve superiority against IN… did we let the Kiev and Minsk whisk out of our hands???
    If China converts those two aircraft carrying cruisers, will it push India to ramp up the IAC-2???

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    what the f*#k, Now do Mig-29s want to quit flying?

    me, sitting at my place,blogging on livefist over internet is feeling some heat about the serious crash going on in airforce,

    I hope other people in government also do feel the same.

    this is some serious incident , thank god pilot is SAFE……

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    Technical… or Human…

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    What the hell

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    Don't blame russians for your mistakes. 50% crashes in IAF happen due to human error and rest 50% due to low quality manufacturing units of HAL.


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