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    F#*K , IAF lost a good pilot

    Why don't the airforce ground the MIG 21 permanently,

    i mean it has to phased out in coming years , but that's risking more pilots lives

    i don't understand why Mig-21 has to keep flying,

    why should we wait till LCA joins IAF

    no country plans to attack india in near time.

    why should we risk more pilots

    why IAF and defense Govt is so


  2. 2

    Mr. RA

    For the remnant Mig-21's, the quality and system checks and rechecks after maintenance at all loads are a must.

  3. 3


    Better replace it with LCA Tejas LSP-8. Will there be any difference?

  4. 4


    Its all because DRDO and HAL are late in delivering LCA. I lost faith in their credibility. Ofcourse, Govt. to be blamed equally where SC/ST quota based system has mostly incompetent scientist trying to build a machine which they are incapable of.

  5. 5


    seems some enemy guns r present in uttarlai.

  6. 6


    @Amit – Morons like you have to bring in Caste/religion and every other loser attitude. If you had the brains, you'd be in DRDO and not be talking crap on these forums.

  7. 7


    The IAF is to an extent responsible for this unfortunate loss of the pilot's life.

    For heaven's sake, a watered down Tejas inducted nearly 2 years back would Not have hindered routine patrol duties and peacetime deterrence. It would've been far far better and safer than the MiG-21s.

    It could slowly have begun replacing the MiG-21 squadrons, thus reducing the possibility of such crashes and pilot deaths.

    Testing can go on on parallel, for the IoC-2, FoC-1 and other certificates.

    Neighboring Pakistan has immediately started replacing all its old J-7s and Mirages by the JF-17, even though it has been tested barely for 3-4 years. Yet, they had the guts to do it because they probably determined that even in this stage of development, its much better than the cold-war era J-7s and Mirages.

    The IAF has to seriously do a pragmatic rethink on Tejas, and start inducting it NOW. IoC-2, FoC to baad mein hota hi rahega. Should we wait for a few more MiGs to crash, and a few more pilots to die ?

  8. 8


    V need sign mmrca quickly and increase to 200 and half imported from france so that v can retire mig21

  9. 9


    I think last few Mig 21 accidents involved Bison variants…Its time to replace them as soon as possible with LCA(whatever version it may be)…

  10. 10


    Here goes one more….Bravo India!!

  11. 11


    It's time for the Govt. to look into the replacement of the MIG-21 with a sense of urgency and mindfulness.

    One cannot blame this aircraft for not being safe if the IAF is forced to fly it beyond it's maximum servicable hours.

    If the MoD cannot efficiently finalize the 126 MMCRA, atleast look at current alternatives like adding Jaguars, buying 2nd hand Mirage 2000's. At the rate the MoD is going, we may have to bring out the Ajeeth's out of storage to save the day.

    We just cannot put our pilot's lives at stake or the Country's defence prepareness just because the MoD runs like a Kirana shop.

  12. 12


    Inexperienced pilots must not be allowed to fly Mig21 purely due to it's high speed and need for expert handling. Putting such supersonic jets in the hands of inexperienced pilots means suicide.

  13. 13


    The LCA has gone through more then 2000 tests and there has not been a single crash, Migs are crashing even after updates and yet the IAF likes videshi mall more.

  14. 14


    and DRDO and HAL still insist that they are on their threshold of delivering…and thus will cancel further deals and raise BOFORS like issues so that the armed forces face the brunt…

    A detailed report on the plane should be made, what was the percentage of HAL made parts in it..and which part was faulty…if it was HAL produced..

  15. 15


    and DRDO and HAL still insist that they are on their threshold of delivering…and thus will cancel further deals and raise BOFORS like issues so that the armed forces face the brunt…

    A detailed report on the plane should be made, what was the percentage of HAL made parts in it..and which part was faulty…if it was HAL produced..

  16. 16


    I do not accept with last comment" inexperienced pilots should not be allowed to fly mig 21s as they are supersonic" the pilot who laid his life is not a novice but a top ranked pilot who might have flown this crap many a times. Boss these fighters are of our grandfather age. This reminds me of rang de basanti movie again. It is really terrible that even after more than one year of MMRCA selection our govt could not close the deal and LCA TEJAS no hope of it really. Until MOD does something this will repeat again and again

  17. 17


    All the migs should be grounded. Congis are not interested in pilots lives. Till date how many pilots killed and wives made widowed, children orphaned because of out of date migs??

  18. 18


    Mr. Rustom, please read my reply to your comment in the post titled, 'Unprecedented Number Of Our Systems On Threshold Of Operations': DRDO Chief'

    For God's sake, if there is any sense left in the IAF, then they must base the first few production units of the Tejas at Uttarlai or Jaisalmer and not in Tamil Nadu. Otherwise, how many ore pilots shall have to eject / die before the Tejas is finally based at Rajasthan ??

  19. 19


    For Gods , countries and the armed forces sake…the IAF if it has to do anything is to stop trying to formulate strategies to UN-DO the Mis/I'll deeds of DRDO , HAL and the MoD etc.

    Today IAF is facing the brunt due to cheating, lying and forcing the nation to undertake decisions that were detrimental to the nation's security. The IAF had the sense though the above blogger may want to be oblivious to it and thus notified the govt for a trainer, envisaged a time frame for HAL /DRDO to deliver, envisaged the replacement of the 21s…and told, retold and retold the govt and the govt itself and the nation itself saw what the IAF were stating ….that DRDO/HAL's trainer and LCA are flying high in brochures only just like its other promises on delivering their fantasies..
    Since the nation allowed itself to be fooled by HAL/DRDO, the IAF could not sit and twiddle thumbs….it started developing strategies to train the pilots because it had no usefull trainer…because HAL would NOT ALLOW IT and not deliver its own product…..thus the 21s were made a basic trainer..then the IAF came to a stage wherein the replacement time for the 21 drew closer…yet again HAL/DRDO lied, cheated , put national security at risk to JUSTIFY THEIR JOBS and EXISTENCE..as long as the attrition rate were on the IAF, and the IAF were getting the blame…NO DRDO/HAL Personnel Dies in HAL produced parts and aircrafts including the 21s,29s n SUMKIs…easier is to blame pilot error..and HAL.DRDO keeps getting their salaries…

    It is already known that deals like Rafaele are delayed and will get more delayed further as Now Many are scared to partner with HAL as then their products get a bad name….it wouldn't be long for the russians also to stop partnering HAL…not because they are scared to transfer technology but due to PISS POOR PERFORMANCE , labour problems…( cochin shipyard or mazgain docks or any other govt undertaking defense productions are an embarrassment to Indians) ,the production line is piss poor and thus the brand image gets spoilt…

    Thus what the tri services should do is

    Not try and salvage the situation DETERMINDLY purposefully Spoilt by HAL/DRDO as then they are in the drivers seat and get a bad image…

    If MoD and HAL/DRDO delay up gradation, so be it..let the chiefs not be shy to address the nation with the names of the babus and DRDO/HAL advisory to the govt for such mis deeds
    They should not shy away from addressing the Nation…especially the Chiefs as, if a war is thrust upon us…then it would be under their leadership that India would suffer due to ill armament…No body is going to listen to their justifications later that HAL/DRDO stopped the upgradation on FALSE PROMISES…..

    2) Tell the Govt and MoD and submit ENOUGH PROOF GATHERED over the years that HAL produced parts and planes are the reason whatever is in the inventory is falling apart…

    3) Ask why HAL/DRDO cannot ask for a seperate research fund instead of eating from defense upgradation fund for research. With the blame game on chiefs now…it is more than likely that the Babus in MoD are purposefully trying to divert funds for immediate upgradation to ' research'…thus nullifying upgradation process + wasting huge amounts gathered…..has any IAS ,MoD, DRDO/HAL staff come under any scrutiny for mismanagement, thrusting decissions that compromise national security, delaying on purpose , projects of national security and diverting funds away from keeping india strong.

  20. 20


    Arrey merey not-so Chuppe Rustom !!

    For the zillionth time :-

    1) DRDO has NO hand in developing any trainer. It is solely and wholly an HAL project ! And no, HAL didn't even consult DRDO for that.

    2 HAL is a dud organization, tha has purposely delayed the Tejas manufacture because it cradled its own pet IJT project. There was a lot of friction reported between HAL and DRDO because of this.

    3 Due to this friction between HAL and DRDO, the latter has been lobbying the govt. for allowing the private sector into manufacturing.

    By the way, did you read my last response to you in this thread. For your convenience, I've provided the URL below:



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