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    Slander, to serve political purposes and save legacies.

    If somebody is tries to stage a coup, what does the Govt. do? Wait? instead of arresting him for treason how about atleast after retirement?

    Steaming pile of horse manure if you ask me.

  2. 2


    well the general had his reasons to bring out the snake in the basket , but as an army man it is not expected from him to spill out all what the army is doing in j&k in a fit of rage . He has joined politics he should have known the implications but spilling out something sensitive is not what is expected from him

  3. 3


    The General is being framed. Even if the General of the Indian Army has made mistakes, the Government should cover up and handle the situation more maturely:
    1) to ensure morale of the forces
    2) confidence of the people in it's Army.
    3) maintain India's branding advantage vis-a-vis foreign policy i.e. our Army is not like that of other nations.

  4. 4


    The General is being framed. Even if he were to blame, the Government should have acted maturely to ensure:

    1. Morale of the forces.
    2. Public trust in the Army Institution
    3. Maintain India's moral high ground vis-a-vis our neighbours – our army isn't like theirs

    The General, Army, Foreign Policy, Economy, Investor confidence, Inflation, etc. are all collateral damage in the UPA's hunger to maintain power and eat money.

  5. 5


    It takes balls of steel to take on a despicably corrupt regime ! Few can rise to the task – V.K Singh is one of them !!! Jai Hind !!!

  6. 6



    There are two aspects to it…one about the modus operandi of managing Kashmir…it is a near to war like situation there…and hence most steps taken in the name of maintaining India integrity is appreciated…both legitimate or other way round.
    As a bureaucratic country…the way we are…we first find fault with who ever calls a spade a spade…that in this case being V K Singh. I am completely flummoxed to see 8 ex gens of army suddenly all of them out giving statements…while gen singh is being blamed for spilling the beans in the name of national security…others aren't subjected to that treatment…quite surprising. This is like USA, whr u cant call a nigger…a nigger…but calling a blonde…a dumb blonde is not a crime…awesome!

    None the less Gen Singh sud have maintained some restrains in giving away truth if it be…or even otherwise. Let us if nothing maintain that last institution called Defence forces be as less tainted as it can be…cause rest of the scenarios…be it…govt, politicians, policemen, babus…have left little hope for any Indians to think of them as anything but a bigger threat than Pakistan and/or China.

  7. 7

    Anil Sharma

    V. K. Singh may have been honest, but he was not fit to head the army. Was a very divisive figure and even if there existed divisions, he should have tried to minimise them, but he further deepened them through his words and actions. The hope of cleansing the army was replaced by crisis after crisis. Now the latest revelations about him and by him should elicit serious action by the government, even if that would be seen as being politically motivated.

  8. 8

    victor raj

    General is being targeted by the congress government. I have doubts S.Tyagi and not about V.K.Singh. This government doesn't care who is corrupted or who is doing good, all they care is staying in power. Government is trying to shield S.Tyagi and arrest V.K.Singh. What V.K.Singh done is 100% right, this is the only option he has been left with in this country, else nothing will come out. UPA is the most corrupted government of the last 67 years. Manmohan singh approved the rule to save the criminal politicians just to nullify the court judgement. What are they, mocking us?

  9. 9


    Between India's Army Chief and India's Politicians – the question is who do I trust?

    No one trusts these corrupt con-gress and other politicians, who are in bed with arms agents.

    The Army chief OTOH has spent an entire lifetime and career, sacrificing for his nation.

    The answer is very simple, and everyone knows it.

  10. 10


    We've seen this movie before. Politico-bureaucratic manipulation of the armed forces leading to disaster. Remember '62? VKS took on corruption- first Sukna, then TATRA. The powers that be decided to "fix" him- parochial gains trumping national security. The game continues. The only beneficiaries will be the enemies of the Indian state. Where is the Official Secrets Act when stuff is "leaked" at will to a pliant press? Bah…can you spell f#@& up on a grand scale?

  11. 11

    Shantanu Guha

    Frankly speaking I feel that there are two aspects to this entire fiasco . One from the Government's part & the other from our Ex Army Chief . Why wasn't the DOB issue sorted out before he was elevated to Army Chief ? The entire animosity had started right then which later snowballed in major differences including a embarrassing scenario of a serving Chief fighting out his case against the Government in Supreme Court in full public glare . Sometimes wonder about the ACR ( Annual Confidential Report ) process & the Physiological profiling which couldn't ever hint of an inclination of a General towards politics before he was made a chief . We perhaps need to convince ourselves that the General got this new avatar post retirement .

    On the General's part its extremely important that he exhibits highest level of restraints & maturity & lives up to the high standards our Ex-Chiefs has demonstrated post retirement in last six decades . He has the full right to pursue his goals and causes through political means , but it has to be with dignity & professional restraint . We all know the lack of Political and Strategic will we have as a nation to subvert anti-India activities across the borders but still if we could muster some grit and determination in initiating some action in this regard – its absolutely preposterous to even give slightest hint of that to prove one's point . Wish all the very best to both the Government & the Ex-General in the upcoming political slugfest but with an sincere request that please play by the book & don't do anything which brings bad name and demoralises the greatest institution of this country – INDIAN ARMY !!

  12. 12


    In My opinion V K Singh has full right to put his point across table, just because in Indian democracy it hasn't happened in past doesnot means it cannot happen now. I think V K singh is assertive and the so called intellectual class with absolutely no idea of ground realities of defence is scared of new competitions from V K Singh. Everyone excepts him to stay away from Media/Politics and lead a quite life just as other Generals have done.

  13. 13


    + Anonymous @ 3.04AM. Am surprised by the inert attitude of RM and PMO. The person under question had been your highest ranking army officer till yesterday, has done things whish supposedly were done while keeping them in loop. And when the very same acts are questioned to the detriment of national interest, these guys choose to conveniently wash their hands off? Despicable. Same of IE group. At the same time, the General should have maintained some restraint about the fund usage.

  14. 14


    What is interesting is the current Chief whose elevation Gen VK singh tried to prevent carried out a comprehensive inquiry under his supervision and closed the case of TDS and sent the file to Defense Ministry in March. But suddenly this report is leaked by concerned politicians after the General is seen on the same Dias with Modi. But here the General got panicky due to some of his advisers may be and came out with some sort of Defense of TDS by citing national security interests of India. Personally I feel here he boobed.Silence would have been golden. Now with the present Government going hammer and tongs at Modi in the Ishrat jahan case, lot of IB personnel are also not happy with this development with the CBI director having no long range vision. The real gainers are the enemies of India.
    With Al Nusrah front supported by Prince Bandar carrying out the attacks in Kashmir and with USA and EU supporting an Independent Kashmir India and Pakistan have a vested interest in peace but the continuing attacks on Army and para military forces will be regular and Indian Army has to be on guard. the recent attack at Samba shows the poor preparedness of Army with regard to perimeter security as well as communication with local and CRPF and IB units which should have warned about the killing of 5 constables to all units in Kashmir.This should be rectified immediately.
    With some retired Generals talking about creating an organisation under Senator MacCain of USA shows how USA is also entering into Indian apolitical Defense forces

  15. 15


    The General has struck at time and place of his choosing he never volunteered this information he was forced by the corrupt Govt.Action should be taken against the person who leaked the information the Indian Express the news paper has spread disinformation twice

  16. 16


    At the end of the day the saying "people in glasshouses shouldnt throw stones" is indeed true in the case of the Govt vs Gen VK.
    Governments mistake :To give Gen VK due credit , he kept largely out of the media in the last six months or so – popping up mainly at ex service mens rallies.All was relatively calm.
    What was the need then for the Govt to leak the report after he appeared with NaMo ? Obviously the clumsy footed "thinktanks" in the UPA didnt think through the possible reactions to their action. They thought leak the report and fly the balloon of the threat of a CBI enquiry hoping that this would shut Gen VK up.
    Gen VK's mistake : He should have played the aggrieved/targeted party to the hilt and insisted on a CBI enquiry. He went one step further and fired the "j&k politicians money" round across the govt's bows as a warning to say "this is a taste of what u will get if you continue with this" . Unfortunately he got massive negative media flak for this and the Army got dragged into it needlessly.
    I am of the view that every country needs and has its "dirty tricks" department – but for heavens sake keep it's activities firmly under your left armpit.
    Situation in the Valley is that the Army is pumping a lot of money into OP SADBHAVNA via NGO'S – but who runs these ngo's ? The politicians of course! So Gen VK is not far off the mark with his inappropriate remark.
    The shit has hit both Gen VK and the Govt -neither have come out smelling of anything but shit.Both now need to button up their lips.
    Lastly a word about the joint statement by the ex- COAS's . They have had their knives out for him ever since he ducked out of attending the COAS's Conclave( the only ex-COAS to do so) held soon after Gen Bikram took over. They are pissed off about the fact that Gen VK has brought unnecessary media scrutiny into the workings and politics of the Army and that he has debased the office of the COAS.So a good opportunity to hit back at him.
    But life goes on – the Samba strike on 16 Cav ,Rahul and his "nonsense" ordinance and the fallout on the PM – These have all taken precedence in the media and hopefully the TSD issue will get buried.
    Now let me end by suggesting to you another related topic on which readers could be invited to send their comments – 'Would Gen VK make a good Defence Minister if the BJP came to power??"

  17. 17

    Rajeev M

    This is nothing but "Political Fixing" by the Congress lead Govt. of a Hapless retired General of the Indian Army.The Govt is trying to incriminate a Honest and upright "officer of the highest order" for holding an election rally along with "Narendra Modi." This is nothing but a political witch hunt. Where was Govt. when his TSD was trying to over throw elected Govt and trying to snoop on highly placed defence offcials, sleeping or what?

  18. 18


    A state like Jammu and Kashmir cannot have such long run of stability without some monetary appeasement, given the strong Anti-Indian Sentiments that often come across resounding from the state.
    Though an economic policy like this might have come infront of the common masses for the first time, the political community must have known about this for very long. No secret can remain closed for so long. So what political class is doing is a mere lip service against what genera. Truth is they know without such policies a very unstable state like J&K will hard to administer. So what is being done is a mere lip service against the General and God only knows who is correct and who is not.

  19. 19


    Eight former Army chiefs on Friday rejected former Army chief Gen VK Singh's statement that Army has been paying money to certain ministers in J&K since independence to bring in stability there.

    "No funds were ever provided by the Army, to any politicians, political party or any NGO in their tenures and nor would they have allowed that," the former Army chiefs said in a joint statement issued here.

  20. 20


    He is a whistle blower after retirement against the corrupt UPA. Even the army chief is in cudgels against a despotic regime let alone the civilians. If he had leaked this information during his service either he is court martial or tried for treason .

  21. 21


    I think he is honest man, and those who are after him are all JACK ASS !

  22. 22


    He is the only tiger who can do this kind of stunts, after all he is a commando and a real commander of Indian army. In his tenure no one dare to touch Indian border, but now the weaker pakis are coming inside our border and cutting our soldiers heads, that is because of our leadership of army and politics. Narendra Modi should become the PM and VK Sing Deffence Minister of India. Jya Hind…………..

  23. 23


    It may not be intended but it seems you are pushing your friends – off and on on your blog. First the wannabe General in Colonel's uniform (ex) and then the hit man Unnithan. Of course the expectation remains that politics is mucky, bureaucrats are slimy, but the army general should just sit his there and do his shit…huh!. Time to play the game. Gee self interest rules..National interest or personal interest.. its about one self. The wannabe gen and his stupid views, Unnithan for his readership and Gen. Singh nursing the grouse.

  24. 24


    Don't care, what an Ex-Chief says or does…But the moment he attacked the integrity of current Army chief Gen Bikram Singh, my respect for VKS died!

  25. 25


    V. K. Singh is a disgusting part of the Indian Army who we do not want to see in any media.

    He tried all crooked methods to get his service extended. He slept all along when he was getting his promotions and then he gets up. It is a disgust. He should be stripped of all military ranking or status he enjoys as an ex-service man.

    Never again India wants to see someone like him.

  26. 26


    Gen V K Singh will be the next Raksha Mantri in Narendra Modi's cabinet and he will sort out all crooks !

    Jai Hind

  27. 27


    One thing is for sure that he is very controversial. But why Technical Service Division is vanished now. Interested persons can read http://www.sunday-guardian.com/news/armys-secret-division-would-have-prevented-samba-like-encounters
    TSD. was Ex. Chief's brain child.

  28. 28


    I am an Ex-Army, and I can pray that Gen V.K.Singh becomes Raksha Mantri. He is the only COA till date who has exposed so many scams and vulnerabilities in the system. I have seen many officers loosing their spirit to serve the country by the time they reach top positions. (why?..The reason, is the system).

    The system ensures that truth speaking, honest guy never gets the promotion. It's only those who wag their tail all the time go up in their career.

    Narenda Modi and Gen V.K.Singh,,, best combination. May the good God grants them strength and success to continue their endeavours.

  29. 29


    As far as spending money is considered,,, All formations of Army & Air Force does spends money in local area for youth, sports and medical facilities and other development work. At some places even the unit doctor sees civilian patients. All part of OP Sadbhavna.

    Govt can't do anything to the Gen.

  30. 30


    More than half of the comments are from the people who have never even served in the ARMY.

    Gen VK Singh is the third officer after Field Marshal Manekshaw and General Cariappa who are out spoken to the countries interest. When our politicians do not even know the difference between a motor and mortar they have no right to even raise such things.

    Arrogance is the nature of every politicians and bureaucrat as he knows he makes the law. Its a big time nexus.

    Let every citizen and politician serve in the Regular Indian Army and than see how many even comment for right.

    Many senior ARMY Officers do not open their mouth as they want to be governors of states.

    Let Mr Modi be the PM of republic of India and Gen VK Singh as a Union Defense Minister.

  31. 31


    Hi Shiv,
    Its no secret that the UPA govt has and is misusing the central agencies like the CBI,intelligence and other organization against its opponents, when it was the Chief these ppl were against, it was a whole new ballgame, so they drag him to their field "FILTHY POLITICS " at the cost of the nation s security..

    Every country conducts covert operations against enemy states and beyond borders,whats the big deal ? why should the chief be any different, if he can bring peace in the valley by bribing the politicians why not let him do it ?? if UPA can sponsor communal violence for its vested interest why not the chief for peace in the country ??

  32. 32

    Bame Duniya

    Ex Genl VK Singh is a petty and mischievous fellow. Someone who can bribe can not be clean. Someone who is sly enough to fund fake NGOs to file foolish cases against his successor can not be trusted.

  33. 33

    Kartik Shastry

    Looking at the state of affairs around me, it is nearly impossible to restrict myself to comment on a single issue such as this. A shamelessly ambitious and indiscreet General is merely one amongst the multitude of this country's problems. A Government that proudly flaunts an acute God complex, a legislature that is replete with political opportunists, a judiciary that is inefficient as well as ineffective, a business community that focuses on profit maximization through mitigation of social responsibility and a society that is apathetic, selfish and corrupt are all equally responsible for our present condition. We are quick to blame politicians and the Government for our problems, but how many of us really introspect? How many of us are truly socially responsible? How many of us give without thinking and think twice before we take? I assume not many. These people are trained by society to act the way they do because that's where they come from.

    However, if I had to choose between the Congress Government and General Singh, although I equally despise both, I would choose the Government. A politician indulges in political rhetoric and baseless speculation because his calling demands that he do so. In India, sensationalism sells and so our politicians have been trained by circumstances to make sensational claims in order to woo voters and this has been the case since time immemorial. But being a retired military officer (the COAS no less), Gen. Singh has the responsibility or should have at least had the good sense not to politicize matters of national security for the sake of cheap political mileage. What's worse is that he has done this, not once, but on multiple occasions. He may have been wronged by the Government, but his nonchalant willingness to jeopardize the security and territorial integrity of India time and again for personal benefit, only goes to show how base, inconsiderate and irresponsible he really is.

    India is a free country and all people who believe that Gen. Singh is merely a victim are entitled to their opinion. But I find it very hard to comprehend that a section of the population has simply chosen to ignore the damage Gen. Singh's statements have caused to the Military, the harmony and the national security of this country.

  34. 34


    I think VK Singh is a man of character that makes a true leader and a general. Unlike many commentators here who in the name of anonymity are snakes in the grass called "Services" and are giving vent to their crooked allegiances, frustrations and failures…..

    As if people do not know them !!

  35. 35


    General V.K. Singh id a true patriot and a soldier's soldier. He believes in fighting his battles alone but in this fight he is not alone, the people of India will see that Satyamev Jayate in the next election.

  36. 36


    The government of course is not shocked at the Gen's revelations. It's the media and politicians who are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Toppling regional govts and paying to local administrators and politicians to maintain stability from the SS pool at the discretion of IB/MI reps is age old practice, right from the time of the British. But yes, sometimes this method has been overused. Take the case of the north-east. It is a graveyard of toppled regional govts by successive power in the centre, especially by the successive home ministry. The north-east is a laboratory of the home ministry. But the dirty work is done most time reluctantly by good IB and MI people.

    In the present controversy, Gen Singh just blurted something hoping to hurt the govt. That is akin to some politician criticising an opponent using some controversial remark. We should forget what the Gen said by now and move on.

    But what we should do is try to make some of these spooks accountable to people because violation of human rights happen all the time. There is a difference between an elected government governed by a constitution and some rag tag terrorist groups — we are not supposed to violate human rights, otherwise there is no difference between us and terrorists.

  37. 37


    He doesn't deserve any kind of responsibility, He is not worthy by his comments and actions which are contradictory

  38. 38


    The J&K assembly is moving a privilege motion against the General what rights and alternatives has he got can you please throw some light on it

  39. 39


    I am rather proud of him. He did things(TLD stuff) that government should have done.
    Now the lame government is after him for political reasons.

  40. 40


    I believe VK Singh is telling the truth but he should have refrained from disclosing such information in public as it is such a "Congress" thing to do. [ Read Congress as "Hurt", "Hurtful" or "Bad" ]
    Now that he is joining politics he should know better that Gandhi's are masterful in doing "Congress" things to others in order to instigate them.
    He should have patience, behave like a sanyasi and get elected. And then he can do all "Congress" things with the Congress People.

    Personally I think there should be a restriction of 2-3 years for retired generals to plunge into politics or to hold an office of profit.

  41. 41


    Since Independence Congress has set an example for corruption and malpractices in governance. The only true good periods for politics were during non Gandhi PMs. Having made the above observations, Ex-Gen VK Singh has done the unthinkable in Indian Army's code of conduct, by playing politics while in office for personal benefit of extended tenure. He should have abided by govt's position regarding his tenure as the govt had appointed him the chief and had the right to decide whether he stays or not. Everything else is just plain drama to vindicate himself.

  42. 42


    VKS committed many mistakes. He escaped till now. Now his sins are catching up with him. He did not pay for attacking his masters while in service. He did not pay for fudging his date of birth. I had written earlier during the age row that the Govt should do nothing because VKS is an immature fellow and that he will hang himself. He has finally provided proof even to his die hard supporters that he is a maverick not worthy of the high position bestowed upon him.

  43. 43


    Gen V K Singh needs to exercise restraint. Need not react to all inputs.

  44. 44

    Gowrishankar Palanisamy

    He is been Framed all because of his uncovering the Tatra truck Scam. I guess, he didn't join the politics on his will, but forced to. It like a dog which is cornered, he has no other way than attacking back.

  45. 45

    Gowrishankar Palanisamy

    He is been Framed all because of his uncovering the Tatra truck Scam. I guess, he didn't join the politics on his will, but forced to. It like a dog which is cornered, he has no other way than attacking back.

  46. 46


    VK Singh is an anti-establishment crusader. People should respect his dare-and-bare attitude and his selfless spirit of nationalism. My father too is a retd colonel from the Army and most military officers admire Gen Singh for his bluntness. After all thats what they are taught at the military academy….
    Politicians are used to sycophant civil servants and sycophant civil servants are used to spineless police men, so they cannot swallow this army man's assertiveness. I am sure Gen Singh knows some dirty secrets and thats why govt. is desperate to tarnish his image. The anti-nationals will NEVER succeed….

  47. 47


    His conduct is extremely undignified and unbecoming a retired Army Chief. By associating with political parties and engaging in vitriolic attacks against the Government, he will only do a disservice to national security by eroding the faith of our servicemen in the Government which obviously will take a toll on their morale.

  48. 48


    What's wrong in calling a spade a spade.
    Truth too bitter a pill to swallow, eh?
    He was the one who brought out the alarming state of our low stocks of ammunition and missiles in letter to the Raksha Mantri. What did the RM do ?……hmmmmm………..
    He was the on who refused to take a bribe on when it was offered by Tatra Group and immediately informed the Raksha Mantri. What did the RM do ?……hmmmmm………..
    He was the guy who called a spade a spade and with a firm hand clamped down on all the corruption that tries to make its way in the army (though there remains a lot to cleaned).What did the RM do ?……hmmmmm………..

    So when a General, with a penchant for stating the obvious truth and not wrapping it in diplomatese lays it bare, the politicians squirm. Rightly So.

    And with what moral authority do the politicians call him corrupt?
    It's the case of the kettle callin (a well scrubbed, shiny new) pot black.

    Ivan. Get a life dude !

    @ saffronbandit – that's a good question. He knows the workings of the Defence Ministry. He is aware the way these babus shortchange the soldier on the border of vital equipment , ammunition and in due course of time his rightful allowances and pension after he retire having given the prime years of his life to the nation. So he should take them to the cleaners is my opinion if he does make the defence minister.

  49. 49

    Canary Trap

    The General has no doubt made mistakes in dealing with his powerful adversaries. He could have been more careful while speaking on issues. But there is no doubt about his personal integrity and ability. That his career would be known more by his date of birth issue and not his work is also because of his poor media skills.

    There is no doubt that the arms lobby is gunning for him but I have not seen a single report on the evil arms lobbies in any media till now. So much for our so-called defence correspondents, most of whom are nothing more than PR agents of Defence Ministry.

    Coming back to the point, I also don't see a single story on who is leaking national security details related to Gen (Retd) VK Singh repeatedly. Keeping national security details secret is not only the responsibility of Gen (Retd) VK Singh, but also of the government (especially the PMO). Why not a single media report in to how three important leaks against the same person from same office and no inquiry. No special investigation from the media. Speaks volumes about our compromised media outlets.

  50. 50


    I dont like this guy..he looks hungry for attention , hungry for power and hungry to be on the front pages of newspapers…certainly not admirable qualities for a ex Chief of Indian Army..He had the chance to lead it ..now he is retired ..he should live his retired life peacfully rather tha trying to enter politics.

  51. 51


    There is a conceit and a lot of naivete in the mind of the average Indian about what goes on in Jammu and Kashmir. Gen Singh's outburst through unseemly brought to light what is well known and has been going on for decades.

    It is a bit naive for delusional journalists to take umbrage and pounce on VK Singh for his revelations. Every Army chief has access to a LOT of money that they use for "off-the-books" operations as they see fit. This is the nature of military operations, especially when fighting adversaries like the LET, the ISI and enemy-state sponsored groups.

    Who is to really blame for this entire fracas ? In one simple word – the bureaucratic establishment, by this I don't mean the Politicians directly but rather the paper pushers IAS types in the MoD and the others "civilian" advisers like the National Security Adviser etc who are well aware of the Army's intelligence operations, about the use of money, about various clandestine activities etc and chose to remain silent when their political masters decided to use classified documents to play politics. These people also allowed these documents to be regularly released to the press, endangering national security and vitiating the atmosphere in J&K. How many NGOs, politicians, jawans will be in the crosshairs now with the disclosures of this so-called "classified" report into VK Singh's TSD ?

    In the end, you may blame VK SIngh for being brash and airing his dirty laundry in public, etc. But in the end, what was his real crime ? Asking the courts for arbitration into his dispute with his civilian masters ? Have the generals of ANY South Asian country done this ?? IF anything, I salute him for setting a precedent through legal, constitutional and peaceful means in solving a dispute between the military and the civilian leadership! We must all remember, that as chief of the Army with nearly tens of thousands of soldiers under his command he could have done much more drastic things with this TSD if he was really a "bad" apple.

  52. 52


    A traitor and should be shot.

  53. 53


    no doubt there is political motivation to take on congress here…

    but remember how political parties have been using military for many years like rag dogs or bali ka bakra whatever you wana call it..

    can open worms everywhere

  54. 54

    Sudip Das

    First there are two DOB of Gen V K Singh in army records. As far as my knowledge serves me right DOB has to be substantiated with documentary proof . Hence one set of documents has to be wrong and hence Gen V K Singh should understand that he was at fault when he submitted such documents.

    Second the controversy regarding the highly secretive intelligence unit set up by him. As and when the complete report is released for public consumption followed by legal suiots , the truth will be known .

    Third I do not agree that the govt should shield Gen V K Singh in order to maintain the morale of the army bacause Gen V K Singh contrary to the high norms maintained by generals , first took on the govt while in service which I feel was not driven by patriotism but sheer greed for power, second the decision to join politics, he is the first chief of army to do so . When he has digressed from general norms , he should not expect any normal behaviour from the govt.

  55. 55


    What is very disturbing is how such low caliber people are not only being recruited in our armed forces but also reaching to the highest level?

    The rot seems to be deepest in Indian Army with last few Chiefs being charged with corruption. It's also shocking to see the current ACM acting as sales rep of a foreign company barely months after ex ACM has been charged with corruption in VVIP deal.

    Promotion of such unscrupulous people is deliberate as they will not only turn a Nelson's eye to all the wrong doings in arms imports but even active participate in them. The dept of corruption in Indian Army can be gauged from the fact that DRDO had to install blackbox like devices to stop the Indian Army from sabotaging Arjun tank during it's trials. As the army pleaded that Arjun tanks do not meet their expectations (which were proven to be false later on) we imported thousands of useless T90s which even the Russian Army doesn't wants. Similar thing is happening in IAF where it is repeatedly stalling all efforts to build indigenous arms and equipments. Tell me who is the bigger enemy?CHina, Pakistan, our politicians or corrupt top brass?
    If things continue as they are pretty soon Indian military will be a clone of it's Pakistani counterpart which loses all battles and is more interested in ruling the country instead of defending the nation from external aggression.

    As far as V.K.Singh is concerned he is highly immature and incapable individual who wants to gain power by hook or crook. Even after he reached the highest position he wanted to stick for few more months by raising a row with the Govt over his date of birth and dragging his fight to the supreme court in full public glare. I think he will be the 1st chief of Army in the entire world who stooped to such low level.
    Next he discloses a letter to the PM bemoaning lack of ammo. If the army doesn't has enough ammo it's his duty to purchase from defense budget. As if this was not enough, he was using his TSD to not only steal funds but also to spy on fellow officers instead of spying on our enemies.
    As I've mentioned, men like Gen Kapoor, V.K.Singh, Tyagi and their ilk are not the cause but the symptoms of morass in our armed forces.This is happening due to corrupt politicians who have ruined every institution of this nation who are in turn elected by a corrupt, semi literate,backward, castist, feudal masses.

  56. 56


    I am dissapointed tat mms passed the ordinance in the first place. He took an oath to serve the ppl…how cud he do tat..lost faith in pm urself forget about others…

  57. 57


    1. Why an army man cannot have political views? Is joining army = relinquishing Indian citizenship? Every citizen can and must have political views.

    2. Kashmir problem has to be dealt with aggressively that includes cross-border action. Otherwise violence will spin out of control.

    3. The Army COAS should be next only to PM (seniority) in a nuclear armed India. It is necessary. It is very painful to see junior ministers and CM of a small state like J&K criticizing a General. Things like this must be handled with PM or President and in confidence. The mud-slinging has started by a 'leak' of a confidential report. Everybody knows how such leaks happen in Delhi. It is all intentional.

    4. People just do not understand that a nuclear armed country places heavy responsibility on senior officers of the Executive. These officers must be selected carefully, but once selected, must be trusted.

  58. 58


    I have been reading Barbara Tuchman's "The March of Folly". She makes the interesting point that the political system pursues courses-often for reasons of personal ego-that have long lost relevance or their original purpose.She cites several cases of which the Vietnam involvement of the US is the most interesting to we Indians.
    She shows how the US starting from an anti colonial stance she reversed her stand to support and then replace the French in neo colonialsim. In the process she neglected several opportunities for an honourable settlement finally retreating in shame and loss.
    I think our 'putting the Army in it's place " policy is now getting dangerous.This is one entity which has organized violence as one of it's potential.The Mandarins are smug in their belief that all they have to do is to keep an eye on the Generals. Coups are not led by Generals. What happens if some Half Colonel decides to storm the North Block and the Parliament House?
    The General in question is not the problem.He is teh symptom of the problem.There has been too much cleverness and keeping the Mandarins on top. For God's sake be more mature or else you will cause mayhem.

  59. 59


    Shame on us ! We get one upright honest General after years and we rush to besmirch his name. Shame on the media – you keep supporting a thoroughly corrupt and anti national establishment over a man of integrity and patriotism …when the country is engaged in a vicious intelligence war which it is loosing!

    I despair. Dear journalists, please remember you are in it together with us…when the next islamist terror strike comes you might also be caught in its wake.


  60. 60


    The greatest chief since Shankar Roychowdhury and BC Joshi…and all we do is hound him for staying true to the pledge he took at the IMA when he passed out. We need more VK Singhs not less !

  61. 61



    is it General norms that you cannot join politics? Have you heard of George washington, Eisenhower, Colin Powell and countless oithers in the world's greatest democracy? Are you saying that the best and most disciplined human resource we have should stay away from politics and only corrupt goondas should join politics?

    No wonder why our country is in the situation it is today!

  62. 62


    @sudip das is just waffling what is sudip's date of birth proof or that of any one in India's dob proof then why not in Gen VK singh's case
    secondly in which part of India dob is considered for promotions
    thirdly service record was not shown to officers during our time

  63. 63


    Sudip Das has pointed out a startling fact that the general had provided false information right at the time of joining the armed forces as you have to provide proof of your date of birth at the time of joining Indian Army.

    When the army knew this discrepancy, yet they choose to promote him to the highest position instead of investigating different dates of birth in service records. And for this an already tarnished image of Indian Army got further maligned due to antics of such an individual with zero morals and extreme ambition. Is it any wonder that recently it came in the news that naval officers force their wives to sleep with their seniors to gain promotions and other petty privileges? With men like these in charge of defense of the nation how secure are we?

  64. 64

    Isabelle :P

    To all the traitors:

    Tatra Issue: He took bull by horns, Only General After Gen.Cariappa and Gen. Sam Manik Shaw.

    DOB Issue: VK Sigh rightly did so to block compromises MMS was making with Pakis in so called Siachen peace park, Sir Creek.

    TDS Issue: Why Souldn't he use TDS to spy Indian politicians? We have Traitors inside too.

    Confidential Info Leaks:Why Indian Express is the only news paper leaking on VK Singh. IE is in cahoots with desh drohis to plant slanderous lies.

    Dream Team: NaMo PM, Gen. VK Singh Union Defence Minister.

    God bless you Sir VK.Singh, you are a true soldier, fighting even without guns but with GUTS! Once a soldier always a soldier.

    Jai Hind!

  65. 65


    most of the comment section is overrun by morons

  66. 66

    Sudip Das


    In america a child is born and then a couple marries , should the same happen to India . People like you simply want to ape America , without thinking about the consequences.

    Legislation are being framed to keep goondas out of politics ,Lalu Prasad has lost his Lok Sabha seat. V K Singh joining politics, is not going to reduce the no of gondas in Indian politics .

    Lastly one wrong cannot justify another. V K Singh is wrong and this is a fact which many like you do not want to accept .

  67. 67


    There is nothing new in the story.
    This is 60 year old story of congress,
    When ever anubody would like to work for India —- He will be harassed by the govt. agencies.
    Thanks to congress……….

    Mr. Singh You are great .
    I can say Singh Sahhab The Great….

  68. 68


    Hi Mr Unnithan, looking forward to your next hit job. Kind Regards


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