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    Amazing versitility from humanitarian to military use. Fantastic addition to the IAF.

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    look at that cargo…..
    generators, trucks , medical vehicles

    surely we should get more of these

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    Now it is time for the C-17 to prove itself as a paisa vasool investment.

    MoD should really consider buying RO desalination systems from the USN. Even if one puts those in a few ships from the inactive fleet – they would make a major difference in this kind of situation.

    In the Iraq War US Army engineers laid a pipeline that ran fuel and water all the way to the FEBA as the armor units cut they way at high speed to Baghdad.

    That kind of technology would be very useful in the present situation.

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    INS Jalashwa is also deployed in the area. Try to visit and get pictures.

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    Look at the parts availability and percentage availability of the C 17 and C 130 planes. What is the cost of operation of these planes when compared to An 12 An 32 and Il 78 and with the report that half of SU 30 MKI fleet is non operational due to lack of spares it is high time the IAF should drop out of russian fifth generation plane and opt for F 35 as it is way ahead of anything that is flying with the exception of F22. Develop the LCA MK2 and twin engined MK3 as GE 414 IN5S6 engine is way ahead of snecma engines and it would be easy to upgrades these planes. Go for 200 F35 and make atleast 500 LCA in different trenches. The naval LCA has to succeed and has to fly soon and get certified as 200 each of LCA can be hidden in caves carved in the Himalayas in Kashmir and in arunachal to blunt out any chinese attack. The LCA with levicon would need much smaller runway for takeoff and landing. The new LCA engine can easily develop 110 KN in short bursts without any loss of service life and can develop 128 plus KN military thrust with very minimal increase in SFC making it one of the best engines with power to weight ratio of 12:1 . This would be great for short takeoff and levicon helping in short landings.I still dont understand why the air intakes are not enlarged.Look at Grippen NG intakes and with the engine that would be on LCA they need to make it evan 10% bigger than the intakes of Grippen NG. You cannot run a race with choked nostrils.Drop rafale and Russian FGFA and be more self reliant. The type of air intakes that on LCA are good enough for a plane like IJT or AJT Hawk.HAL has to revamped as they only do fabrication and licence production and IAF now has no faith in it. I knew first hand when USAF were looking for air superiority fighter the technical parameters were so stringent and unrealistic that the manufactures were very upset. The USAF were holding on and industry had to develop the technology that led to F 15 . The plane was so good that it ruled the skies for four decades with routine upgrades.HAL cannot even design a basic or intermediate trainer explains the situation.


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    please post updates on Tejaswith some pictures

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    Dear Shiv,

    Your channel termed Phailin as "India's Katrina". We do not need such comparison it only shows the poor mind set in some of the editors in your channel. Please avoid it in future.


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    regarding the availability issue raised by Timbaktoo.

    The An-32 and Il-76 cost less up front compared to the C130 or C17.

    People at ministry get sticker shock when they see the price of the a/c. That is why IAF used to have the price of the a/c paunted on the side.

    What people don't realize is whether you pay up front now or pay in availability problems later … you still pay.

    The notion of a holistic cost calculation has not gained ground in the ministry yet.

    Also I feel sometimes the discussions get to narrowly focused on the wartime role and the massive role that these planes play in peacetime is forgotten.

    There is a very skewed sensibility on these matters, and one hopes that someday the ministry will be confident enough to think differently.


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