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    any foul play… like cold war time… poisoning…

  2. 2

    victor raj

    My condolences for this murder. Sorry Shiv, too much coincidence. I doubt, politicians are behind this.

  3. 3


    Foul play…very much plausible!!

  4. 4


    Could there be a foul play? like poisoning him with Ricin?

  5. 5


    Something seems to wrong with our Defence Secretaries.
    He is possibly the third or is it the fourth (?) Defence Secretary who has happened to have died "in Harness".
    I wonder along the lines of Victor Raj.

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    Shantanu Guha

    My condolences to the bereaved family . Our forces are already facing the brunt of never ending bureaucratic delays in new procurements & with this loss hope it doesn't slip further . Hope a new Secretary takes over soon & works out the the long pending list of defence procurements

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    yes of course..forget that a official has lost his life unfortunately and the idiots here are coming up with conspiracy theories already..

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    If this French, 'Dassault Rafale Tiger' fighter 'aircraft fails to get in the Indian Airforce by 2015 due to the current HAL manufacturing stake argument between the 2 countries…..by 2025 Pak Airforce sqaudron strength would be more than Indian Airforce squadrons.The Paki squadrons by then would number more than 40 …that too of modern latest fighters of 'F' series from USA and the lates 'J' series fighter planes from China.And I am talking about only a single front war scenario…if we include the 2 front war scenario with China..India will face defeat even b4 the start of war.If this deal with France fails now…. in 2025 Indias Airforce squadron strength would be in the thirties and that too made of redundant refurbished soviet era fighter planes. I hope our ruling party Netas and babus and even the opposition parties have the foresight to see this situation b4 they put obstructions and cancel the deal like always for their own political gains. India would be in the dog eat dog scenario if this happens.If Frances says Indias HAL is technically incapable f manufacturing thsi modern fighter , why does Indian govt so insistent on HAL to be equiped by France to manufacture this bird ? It is a fact that HAL could not even deliver us a basic fighter aircraft called Tejas even after 35 years of waiting..how u can expect France to be responsible for HAL to manufacture this modern 4th generation french fighter ? Someboy should put sense into the narrow minded Netaas and Babus who are putting the countries security at stake for the sake of the so called local labour unions issues and gain political mileage. out of it.


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